Monday, 16 July 2007

Yesterday I was in a flowery mood. So I made some flower decorations to be put in different places of the house. This is what came out of it. I used mainly palm leaves, hibiscuses, geraniums, some dried twigs and vases of course. The hibiscus lasts for only a day, which is really unfortunate. However the palm leaves last long and even when yellowed or dried, they look great.

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An interesting thing about using dried twigs is that you can make a bouquet that will last really very long.

All you got to do is to glue a leaf to a small tube, attach an iron rod to the tube and use the iron rod to tie the tube to the twig.
You can then place any flower you like in the tube and this will give a real nice look plus you've got an infinite number of possibilities if you got a choice of various flowers in your garden.

Let the power of the flower be with you!


  1. Hmmm great idea honey. May the flower power be with you. And may you impress us more each day with your crafty stuff. Love.

  2. nice flowering. mo ti truv sa tubing design la dan 1 emission TV quelque temps de cela.

  3. wai o fait c 1 teknik ki bne fleuriste servi assez souven pou cachiete bne defo ki kav ena dan zot vase ou pou cachiete li tout court. li paret pli naturel kumsa.

  4. morine to p vine fleuriste! mone dir toi ha, bizin piss ek uni ek lance ene business...enfin keli kine dir ha...ih
    moi mo p recouver ene latab ek ban pou blog lor la soon

  5. lol. sakene bizin specializ dan kitsoz ek nu fr 1 lentreprise kot dimune kav vini ek pass zot commande daprer seki zot ler. tou pou la. pou ena bne zafer mari bizar ek bne idee deco tou ossi bizare ki pa pou gagner lezot place! merde nu bizin met copyright lor sa lidee la la! tention kikene cokin! (C)


  6. ihihihi
    whao morine , jevin says it all. to pa pwaret impress us! eh dan to foto la, mo rapel sa trik jute nu ti fer la, haem broderie la. pou moi ti ene cata! cross stitch. cheers darling!
    eski mo kav ignore sa trik tag la?!

  7. Wow, it's really great! Got the tips, will try it myself this weekend :)

  8. aret glacer ta! piaw

  9. Absolutely given the GF some ideas for home decor!

  10. You are really quite talented. I like doing crafts myself, but just don't have the time. However, it might be a bit more productive and wholesome than blogging:)


  11. Beautiful*

    Just like U**********


    18 Piercings!!!!

    Pray tell where are they!!


    I'm too fraidy cat fer dat*

    I loved yer Words to the Wise!!!

    oh Lordy toooooo Funny*

    maybe i should post a Disclaimer like that on Blog* But i think my Samuel Jackson Pulp Fiction Fuel My Blog MoFu takes care of that + Fires a Clear Warning Shot across the Bow***********

    Cheers U + thx fer poppin' by* ;)) xoxo