Thursday, 30 August 2007

My Most Popular Photo on Flickr

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My most popular, that is most viewed photo on Flickr is this

When I say the most popular, I mean the most viewed. so this has got me asking myself why are so many people interested in this particular picture? But the answer is obvious, really really obvious! Ok, maybe you don't think it's obvious now but after reading this you will definitely see the world in a new light.

People actually view this picture because they are wondering what the hell Jevin was telling me at the time that it was taken and why do I have that satisfied smile on my face?

The answer is real close now ladies and gentlemen and here's what we were saying!

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I know, I know that was so mean of us!

Anyway now you know something many people don't! So how do ya feel? :D hihi

Take care dudettes and dudes and my happy aliens!

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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

summer's here!

Yeah summer's here! And my summers usually mean FLOWERS!!

Yup I know my winters meant flowers too but hey summer's different cause we've got loads of wild flowers growing here and there casting their sunny colours everywhere and brightening our moods!

And with that a nice little lime juice won't be bad! :D

Do you like summer as much as I do?

Friday, 24 August 2007

A bus station near the SSR National Hospital

So the construction of a bus station has started near the SSRN hospital at Pamplemousses where there used to be woods. Trees have been cut down and you won't recognize the place if you haven't been there for a while.

The bus station will be located on the immediate neighbourhood of the hospital and I guess that those who carried out the cost/benefit analysis of the project did not take into consideration the impact of the noise caused by a bus station near a hospital where, how can I say it, people kind of need some rest and peace. Duh!

Anyway guess the station will show it's convenience in due course.

What do you think about it?

Update: 18.02.2008

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Reflect the storm

At first I thought this was only a crush but then things got pretty weird. I just can't keep this song off my head! In the bus, at home I'm constantly listening to Reflect The Storm by In Flames. I'm totally in love with this song!

Here's the vid from Youtube:

And the lyrics!

Shot for shot
Many bullets penetrate me
Embrace me
Tell me stories of golden gods
The precision in your voice
Pierce the walls that I've built
Your eyes reach deep in me

Take a chance
They don't come much bigger than this
Dark star spend another day with me
A dead surface that doesn't reflect
The storm underneath
Take the chance
Bring me the calm

...And it leaves nothing

Expose the dark side,
Aching and emotional,
Expose the dark side,
Impossible to tame

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

Throw yourself into the eye of chaos
Infiltrate me,
Sneak out before I awake
Take out the trash and burn it
Try and find a beautiful place to lay
These fragile bones of mine

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really...

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

... And it leaves nothing

Expose the dark side, aching and emotional
Expose the dark side, impossible to tame

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really...

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really...

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

My Fave part:
Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

What I see when I hear it:

Freaky huh? But I told you I'm in love with this song! :P

Take Care people and my rolling aliens!
*wink at Jev*

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Are you familiar with the above logo? That's the logo of PAWS, Protection of Animals Welfare Society. This organisation strives to improve animal welfare in Mauritius by carrying out sensitisation, sterilisation and adoption campaigns.

Sterilisations of pets are done free of charges and in 2006 total of 12, 004 cats and dogs were sterilised! Just imagine how much the sterisation of all these animals would have cost if done at a private vet!

So it seems logical that we help PAWS in our own way, depending on our means by:

1) Donating.
Donations can be used to pay staff including veterinarians, the maintenance cost of vans, without forgetting equipment and medicines.

2) Spreading the word.
Let people know about PAWS. You might help save hundreds of innocent animals.

3) Get involved
You might also get involved in field work, help raise funds, sensitise and inform people about the organisation. If you are a veterinarian your help will be the most welcomed!

Learn more by visiting HERE

Thank you for visiting people! Hope that'll inspire you to get involved! :D

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Friday, 17 August 2007

A placebo effect!

Today I did some stuff to my basement stairs. I love the white and the way the steps shine now! hehe! But then after doing that I felt sick, like cold and feverish. Was an awful feeling. But then a little while before dinner my father came home and brought with him some gifts that a friend has given to him. His friend has been to Madagascar and has brought some crafty stuff for us and a Malagasy crystal. My dad gave me the stone and told me that his friend was blabbering about the supposed healing power of the crystal. I was kind of skeptical too but then when I held the crystal I felt better! Yeah, no kidding! I felt really better. Like some sort of euphoria overcoming me, I wanted to laugh. OOY! I'm still feeling well, but I'm sure I had to feel better anyway! Crystals do not cure fever, do they?

P.S : I can't do a post without some flowers, my zinnias are blooming again!
And by the way, this is Jevin`s masterpiece! :$ My mother would love one in our garden too! Nice work Jev!

Take care people!

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Monday, 13 August 2007

The Alien on my head and the school.

Today was a hell of a day which I've spent mostly in the bus to and from Reduit! I was wearing a really hip hat, the kind that you get to see in R n B videos and it was pink to top it all! So just imagine the reaction of people in the bus going back home. They were like "oh my God, what is that!" Really, they were almost gossiping behind my back. I swear this is not a fit of paranoia! They were really outraged by my hat! Weirdly, I thought this was funny! It had been a while that I had gone out and I sure deserved the attention! hehe.

Moving on to something more serious, (can't believe I've said this) today I was really shocked on seeing a banner for a school. I'll talk about it later! Tired tired!

So long people!

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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Let's Do Something!!! (part 2)

On the 27th of September bloggers from all over the world will be joining forces to stop abuses! This initiative will be mostly undertaken by Blogcatalog users but the goal of blogcatalog is to get other bloggers to join in this project, be they members or not.

Bloggers are free to write about any abuse (child, sexual, domestic, substance, psychological) that they want to put an end to. It does not have to be a long essay, just say what you have to, what's on your heart! It's for a good cause, so don't hesitate to put yourself into it.

Are you in?

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Another one!

Since a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I was quite reluctant to make this post but then the emergency of the situation took over and so, here comes.

Nope nope, I'm not going to ask you to donate something, or to help a cause out, or whatever, that will come later! Haha!

The thing is, (I'm getting a little pompous here), there'll be yet again a concert on the 25th of this month, that is August, for all those dummies out here at Laribluz in Curepipe at about noon. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

So I guess this time, since you know about it, you'll have to move your pretty asses there. Nope I'm not gonna benefit in any way if more of you go there. It's just that I'm sick and tired of constantly seeing guys at those concerts. I hope there'll be quite some gals who'll be able to make it!

A lil' summary:

Venue: Laribluz

Date: 25th of August

Time: 12 to 5 pm

Bands Performing:


Price of 1 ticket: Rs 120/ (Thanx to _| P for this info)

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Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Rock Star? Oh Please!

It's been a while that I wanted to write about this but hell I kept all of this to myself but then I've had enough of not saying it. It concerns Himesh Reshammiya, the "Indian Rockstar"! Duh, just writing this bit makes me wanna puke!

Why do they call this guy a rock star in the first place? I've come up with some possible explanations to explain this.

1) The indian perception of rock music differs from that of the rest of the world.

2) In fact they do not mean "rock" they mean rokk or roc, or roch which is a lame genre of music which basically uses all sorts of instrument to piss Morinn off.

Okay people, don't get me wrong here. I would not have said anything against Reshammiya if he had been doing his thing and not calling it rock! Hell, he could even have corrected people about this whole rock issue! But nah! He chose to be an asshole. Even in the movie that he stars in, people call him a rock star! Why Oh WHY!

Take a look at this, and tell me if it's rock!

The stupidity does not end here. Even in Mauritius people think they are listening to rock when they listen to Reshammiya. I've got no problem with the fact that you listen to it; not everyone can have great music taste, but hell don't call yourself rock fans!

And, by the way, this is what a rock star looks like

Robb Flynn! Hehe!


Friday, 3 August 2007

Six years today

Six years ago, on this very day, on this very date, my family and I left Goodlands to come to live in our new house. This date is a very memorable one. So happy birthday to us! razz

I've made some barfees in the morning to celebrate this! And there'll be ras gullas tonight! Miaaam... finding small reasons to celebrate can be fun and so damn tasty! Hehe!

p.s: I know the barfees lack some colour.
confused That's a very long story with starts when I went to look for food colouring in my cupboard and found that there were none. eek

Hehe... So long people and my happy aliens~

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