Friday, 24 August 2007

A bus station near the SSR National Hospital

So the construction of a bus station has started near the SSRN hospital at Pamplemousses where there used to be woods. Trees have been cut down and you won't recognize the place if you haven't been there for a while.

The bus station will be located on the immediate neighbourhood of the hospital and I guess that those who carried out the cost/benefit analysis of the project did not take into consideration the impact of the noise caused by a bus station near a hospital where, how can I say it, people kind of need some rest and peace. Duh!

Anyway guess the station will show it's convenience in due course.

What do you think about it?

Update: 18.02.2008

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  1. Like i once said, Money mindedness will kill people. Its all about money here. There is a great number of people that visit hospitals during the day, and a lot travel by bus. Its all about profit here.

    You know what's the funniest part?
    There is a sign just before the hospital that says not to sound the car horn. LOL

  2. lol, of course, hospital = patients + visitors everyday, that`s what they were thinking surely :D

    pfff, sometimes i wonder wether people in charge automatically lose their common sense :)

    lol bien vu Jevin :D heh, guess they either didn`t see rhe sign or took it literally (like, `hey, those are buses, not car horns!`, exaggerated i know but still, overlooking the problem (or discarding it as minor) is kinda natural to them when there is money)

    m`enfin, Even funnier is that it is the very people they will be disturbing who will be the source of their income...

  3. I think there is 2 point of view on this matter.

    Initially building the bus station will create a lot of noise that would disturb the patient. However, when the bus station is operationally, people will find it more convenient to visit the hospital.

    This also mean more $$ for the investor

  4. Sometimes one needs to consider the best of two evils...

    Hospitals will be having many elderly patients and also many visitors. The close proximity of a bus station would entice people to use this service rather then use their own cars and thus reduce traffic congestion.. and maybe even help reduce pollution!

    Every little bit helps...

  5. Eh mo habitier pass labas...longtemps li ti bien boiser... hihi... yea i fink its a gud project... ban visiteur la vine dpi loin, parfois bisin chanze 2 3 bus pu vine lopital, aster si pu gagne bis direct, ben mo croire li ene bon initiative.

  6. R.I.P ???
    yeh sure for the woods and the silence the ppl being hospitalised could enjoy... eh think positive, bus will be near in case u want to run away from the noise :D

  7. bein, mwa mo kroire mo pu al faire ene site visite bientot, etant donner mo malade depi mercredi :S

    si sa continier peut etre mo pu witness construction la, lol

  8. hmmmm cool what place is that ??

  9. mo mama ti p dir moi ti ena 1 couple amoureux ki ti suicider dan la foret la! bien lontan sa!

  10. hey wai li bon pou ena la gare, kav ale guet bne zoli nurse la

  11. I don't get the problem...of course
    they want to keep things quiet for recovering patients...what are you suggesting? Moving the bus station? We can't change the world but we have to do the best we can..
    Do you really think it's all about the money? I really think its just a matter of convience..riders need a bus..sick people to heal

  12. hi mauniejames, well well, i've never talked about money anywhere on my post, so I guess you may be addressing the commenters.

    And I don't think you know about the place, really, cause you would have known that there is already a small bus station there that has been going on fine for ages! Thanks for commenting.

  13. moi mo penC ke bne dimune la pou disturbed avec tapaz bne bus surtou pres kot lopital.

  14. the project will cause some pollution. and it is bad for the ecology when trees are cut like this.

  15. It's pretty logical they build it there, lots of traffic generated by the hospital. Be glad you don't live in Belgium, most hospitals are in the city center here with constant noise. Just don't make the same mistake we made and don't let people build stuff all across the countryside, because one day the entire countryside will look like suburbia with cows between homes.

  16. cows between homes? :S i hope that never happens around here~ really!

  17. They're always trying to make things bigger and better, but does it usually turn out like that?

    You have a really interesting blog. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Well, i was not aware that a bus station would be build there.It's been like 3 months since i did not go there.Perhaps tomorrow I will be going to Port Louis at bus so it will be an opportunity to be there.First of all,I agree.With a bus station in the vicinity of a hospital, there level of noise will be increase significantly, but even without the bus station the level is noise pollution is quite high.I don't know if by building that station, there number of buses will increase or not.But any type of increase in the number of buses will definitely affect one's health due to pollution(fumes from exhaust pipes of buses).Traffic increases??meaning that access to the hospital will be difficult?well, thats something to think.(I'm referring access to hospital main entrance and the entrance to cardiac centre)
    Coming to he Not to sound the car's horn..well, thats something which bus drivers will certainly not follow.
    And,if i'm not wrong.In that particular place, there were a number of trees.Deforestation? ??It's impact on environment??negative or positive??certain questions which will be unanswered.

    Coming to the positive sides, people going to and from the hospital will have transport facilities.But on a balance of probabilities, i think that the bus station could have been some few more metres away from the hospital.

    With the level of noise increased, i'm sure that doctors will be frustrated as the doctors' mess will be quite near to the bus station! ! !

    P:s morina nice blog.keep it up.and THANKS.

  19. Thanx for the comments Jamie and Tushal! ;)