Sunday, 12 August 2007

Let's Do Something!!! (part 2)

On the 27th of September bloggers from all over the world will be joining forces to stop abuses! This initiative will be mostly undertaken by Blogcatalog users but the goal of blogcatalog is to get other bloggers to join in this project, be they members or not.

Bloggers are free to write about any abuse (child, sexual, domestic, substance, psychological) that they want to put an end to. It does not have to be a long essay, just say what you have to, what's on your heart! It's for a good cause, so don't hesitate to put yourself into it.

Are you in?


  1. I'm in. But i'm not telling anything about it right now.. :u

  2. I expected no less from you Jev! :D

  3. Seems like there's quite a few of us in already!

  4. yeh yeh count me in ...

    what can i do?

    encourage ppl to quit smoking eh?

    i did it .. super hard thing :P

  5. well, i will try to remember the date too :P

  6. Morinn I was trying to find this information on blogcatalog but there aint anything about this. Mind pointing me in the right direction?

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