Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Are you familiar with the above logo? That's the logo of PAWS, Protection of Animals Welfare Society. This organisation strives to improve animal welfare in Mauritius by carrying out sensitisation, sterilisation and adoption campaigns.

Sterilisations of pets are done free of charges and in 2006 total of 12, 004 cats and dogs were sterilised! Just imagine how much the sterisation of all these animals would have cost if done at a private vet!

So it seems logical that we help PAWS in our own way, depending on our means by:

1) Donating.
Donations can be used to pay staff including veterinarians, the maintenance cost of vans, without forgetting equipment and medicines.

2) Spreading the word.
Let people know about PAWS. You might help save hundreds of innocent animals.

3) Get involved
You might also get involved in field work, help raise funds, sensitise and inform people about the organisation. If you are a veterinarian your help will be the most welcomed!

Learn more by visiting HERE

Thank you for visiting people! Hope that'll inspire you to get involved! :D

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  1. I'm first.... Woohooo yeah i think these guys are doing an awesome job. Didnt know it was free until today and i think its rad.

    Carry on with the work guys.

  2. Checked out their website, very interesting.

    Didn't even know they had one :D.

    thanks for sharing

  3. Great great, thanx for checking it out people!! :D

  4. well yeh i got my pupp there like 3 years ago ... then got another one again later :P

    they do good job...

  5. Their job is great and I think that donations are important to help them out. People should donate at least half the sum that they would have paid to have their pets sterilised.

  6. Hey Moo you should have written about paws a long time back coz i know how much you loved the association!!

  7. Mo i think gals who love doggies are cute!got any puppy loving friend to introduce to me?^-^

  8. Dr Sam here...
    I am one of the founder member of PAWS and the actual President and Head Veterinarian...I would like to say apecial thanks to Morinn for spreading the word about PAWS. We cannot pretend to change alone the mentality of people towards animals in Mauritius...we need people like you and the whole population to do this. Keep the message going...a little scoop: as from next month we will be introducing an interactive page on our website, with Q & A on animals; Wallpapers and cute PAWS pics for download etc.
    Once again Thanks a million (I am speaking for all the PAWS animals).

  9. Chicks' Paws r my interest... every guy's normal interest i guess...

    btw. Surendra-a-a-a-a-a is BACK, lock & loaded

  10. thank you Doctor Poulle for the comment and the scoop! ;)

    We look forward to seeing the updates on the PAWS' website!

  11. yea dats indeed interesting, PAWs guys doing great job, we must encourage em!!

  12. thanx thanx monisha!! your words mean a lot! :D

  13. I think it was a great idea of you to support PAWS!way to go morinn!

  14. y do u pretend to be kind.to impress people?you are not that good as you pretend!

  15. thanx for the comment and in-depth analysis of me anonymous!

    i guess you're my shrink right? ;D

  16. We should do anything we can to help animals.

  17. thanx for the support eastcoastdweller! :P