Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Rock Star? Oh Please!

It's been a while that I wanted to write about this but hell I kept all of this to myself but then I've had enough of not saying it. It concerns Himesh Reshammiya, the "Indian Rockstar"! Duh, just writing this bit makes me wanna puke!

Why do they call this guy a rock star in the first place? I've come up with some possible explanations to explain this.

1) The indian perception of rock music differs from that of the rest of the world.

2) In fact they do not mean "rock" they mean rokk or roc, or roch which is a lame genre of music which basically uses all sorts of instrument to piss Morinn off.

Okay people, don't get me wrong here. I would not have said anything against Reshammiya if he had been doing his thing and not calling it rock! Hell, he could even have corrected people about this whole rock issue! But nah! He chose to be an asshole. Even in the movie that he stars in, people call him a rock star! Why Oh WHY!

Take a look at this, and tell me if it's rock!

The stupidity does not end here. Even in Mauritius people think they are listening to rock when they listen to Reshammiya. I've got no problem with the fact that you listen to it; not everyone can have great music taste, but hell don't call yourself rock fans!

And, by the way, this is what a rock star looks like

Robb Flynn! Hehe!



  1. Ohh my fukin' God. Thats a mighty post by the mighty blogger.. :P
    Yeah there's a whole lot of misconception about indian music here in Mauritius. Did you know that some people in Mauritius actually think that Indian music is complicated???? And that it is really hard to play those songs.. What the fuck?? Well Mr Musical Bullshit correct me if i am wrong but I guess Mozart's symphonies were harder right??? Crappy bastards.
    Show them Flynn. He's real cute on this pic. I know it sounds gay but is fucking cute and i'm not gay and thats it. Indian music is bullshit to me anyways. :F

  2. ooh baby you so fucking look like Robb on this pic! hmm, i mean robb looks like u. hmmm... i'm losing it! i always knew you'll write something meaningful for this post! :P

    love you

  3. ihihi. nice post. nufin else needs to be added!

  4. Yeah its just the fact that a rockstar isnt just making music. Its about friendship. About 4 friends hanging out together and making music, pulling each others legs, getting drunk and just ripping it off on stage. Thats what's rock is all about. Friendship and trust. Trusting that the other bandmates will always be there. Thats whats great about a band. Like Robb said - For the love of brother, i will sing this fucking song.. Aesthetics of hate.

    And there goes.

  5. "a rockstar isnt just making music."

    errm i meant

    "a rockstar isnt just about making music."

  6. ihihi.. thanx kel! :P

    jev you sure you don't wanna write a post about this? hihi

  7. Nah it needs too much positive energy to write about it. I sense negativity everywhere these days. My spiritual side must wake up in force for the peace to be re established. LOL In short i'm just too lazy to blog.. :u

  8. hello there....

    mwa mo ena ene sel zaffaire pu dire...

    mo pas sipporte li !
    o commencement wi, mais apres, gagne vomi kant tan li.

    mo diman mwa si so specialiter sa, sante par nenez :P

    ki zotte penser?

  9. OMFG... Just can't believe there are people calling "rock" this crap. They just have no fuckin' idea what rock is about.

    Big hugs,

  10. hihi yashakun, good point sa zafr sante dan nene la, mo ti bizin mentione sa :P

    @ Jon: yeah so so true. but hell people call this rock! :S if only we could do something about it!

  11. wawa f*** himesh! zot ti konner li chauve akz ha li met kasket toultemp?? loll

  12. hihi Rooch, morpa si ti p douter ki li chauve! haha.. li bizin paret mari freaky sans sapo sa!

  13. lol, thanx becky! i guess it's true :P
    i rock! :D

  14. hehe lol, its damm true wat uv written ein! fran tou, mo pa cav tand sa boug la chanT! beurk! e en+ li pren li pu acter tou... non mais kan m,mari con ein! Mo prefere Atif ki sa !@#$ 2 the square la!

    Indian ppl ban goute lamusic rock kuman bisin, alors zot penC ki sa c du vrai rock! c une kestion d mentaliT!

  15. wai c vrai! tou dpane lor mentaliter dimune!

    fran to ena raison, zot pa assez exposer ek lamisik rock, c lakoz sa ki zot penser seki zot p tander la c rock

  16. Sweetie,

    I read your comment and now know for sure that your are a GRRL, I only wish I was worthy:)


  17. GREAT way to end this blog! I laughed out loud at that last line. ROCK ON!

  18. becky, you are so damn worthy! :D

    wishfulwriter, thanx for the comment! i'm glad that made you laugh! :D

  19. Lol! he is so annoying..i think my whole family tree hates him :p

  20. "i think my whole family tree hates him"

    Raving lunatic, that was so damn funny!

  21. Actually...he is a ROACH star in my opinion ! He annoys me a lot.
    You should have seen his new was more of a 3 hour marketing commercial of himesh himself ! :)

  22. I so agree with you on that Himesh guy. Heard recently that he had done a movie too and sang in it too! I wonder what his fans find in this guy! By the way rock rules!

  23. house music anyone?
    waahahahahaha.... okie mo tuite avan mo gagn bater.. :P

    btw mo plis ressembler 1 rockstar ki rimesh ou suresh whatever his name :P

    keeep it brutal \m/

    <3 :>

  24. Rockin N' Fuckin Roll

    And I totally agree...

  25. aaawww thanks people! it warms my heart to know that you agree with me. i thought some people would actually bash me! :P