Thursday, 9 August 2007

Another one!

Since a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I was quite reluctant to make this post but then the emergency of the situation took over and so, here comes.

Nope nope, I'm not going to ask you to donate something, or to help a cause out, or whatever, that will come later! Haha!

The thing is, (I'm getting a little pompous here), there'll be yet again a concert on the 25th of this month, that is August, for all those dummies out here at Laribluz in Curepipe at about noon. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

So I guess this time, since you know about it, you'll have to move your pretty asses there. Nope I'm not gonna benefit in any way if more of you go there. It's just that I'm sick and tired of constantly seeing guys at those concerts. I hope there'll be quite some gals who'll be able to make it!

A lil' summary:

Venue: Laribluz

Date: 25th of August

Time: 12 to 5 pm

Bands Performing:


Price of 1 ticket: Rs 120/ (Thanx to _| P for this info)

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  1. Morinn, ty so much for commenting on the guy's blog, he allowed yours, for some reason to stay, but tried to make a fool of you and lecture you as a little girl. The hate is so profound.

    He has committed blogging suicide.

    And everyone can now see the hate--thanks to people like you.


  2. Hmm i hpe this time i'l b able to make it... enfin pa sir! mais i wud love to come!!! mo xtra xtra envi alr!! ban Nonsense pa pu perform??

  3. Hey Becky, I don't give a damn what he said about me! He's such an asshole and he can't change that! :D

    Monisha, wi wi mo ler to come! plz plz! la liste bne band pa officiel, mais Dom p parti, alor nonsense pou incomplete!

  4. Hein wer nonsense pa pu laba. Mo croire san cou la bizin rester ziska 5hr sa.. lol Mne mari envi gete Tribus zouer.

  5. Morinn thanks.

    the asshole is history,and his fatal mistake, as I mentioned, was treating you wrongly, I did not like it and my old friend Missy Suicide was outraged, and that ended him for all intents and purposes--though he may be dribbling on to a few.

    I am more angry at the women and girls who keep their mouths shut and make excuses. I do not expect a lot from the guys, it takes them time. But girls piss me off.

    This is why I am thinking it best to just go back to where girls are Grrls.

    And, I also think you to be a Grrl.


  6. Well, I don't know anything about that whole ruckus but that guy sounds like a waste of skin.

    Morinn, I enjoy your blog and I also enjoy the fact that you are a bright light shining out of a place many in the West have never heard of.

    Have a great day, hopefully free of any more altercations with misogynist morons!

  7. Thanx Becky! you're great! :D

    eastcoast dweller,, thanx for the nice words! it sure helped me to smile! :)

  8. Morinn, the feminist! hihi... mai frantu, bizin plis tifi dan concert moricien!

  9. Morina, the best thing to do with that kind of assholes is not paying them attention. Their lives are so pathetic that the only way to get attention from others is offending. Don't pay attention to them. You rock Morina!

  10. Thanx a lot Jon! wow! that was a great morale booster! :D Thanx

  11. JEV pu tan to cookie monster dan concert? prier mo gagn 1 lagripp chepa koi .. lerla caw challenge coz erm mo lavoix maruuuuuu grav kan mo gripper XD ..

    keep it brutal \m/

    dso morin mo pa tro con sa zistoir ki zot p discuss abt la .. mais si zot tou p dir li ene kakes del culo ben so be it :)