Saturday, 29 September 2007

The 10 000

Today something to talk about... celebrate its 10, 000th visitor and 25 000th page view and counting. I'm relying on the figures I've got from sitemeter since March 4 of this year. It warms my heart to see that we've reached this figure at last! Aargh, I'm not really good at showing my emotions, I know! Anyway this goes as a thank you to all of you who regularly visit and find something to say about my posts to make me happy. I'm particularly thinking of all those on my roll. Thank you dudettes and dudes for always being here! :D

I've started this blog in November last year and I've started giving it some attention around march of this year, thus installing the counter and other widgets. Courtesy of Jev for the mood
and words running through my head widget! :D Thank you hun! They indeed make me feel like a queen!

I've met some new friends through blogging. A big big thank you to M0rph for always finding the time to drop some words on the shoutboxie and Monisha and Usha for being the best gal buddies ever!

My big thanks to Manico, Lord Manila, Ropi and Raving Lunatic for providing valuable feedbacks. Thank you Loona, Natasha, Gemz, Angele, Y@$# (I couldn't find the "y" :$ mo 1 loss mo coner!), Avesh, Roushdat, Yashvin, Tushal, Slasher, Kyu, Waz and all those who have subscribed to my feeds :$ and all those anonymous, hidden aliens who sometimes visit without leaving a trace.

LOL! I'm feeling like I'm receiving an award! Good gracious! Last but not least I wanna thank my parents... ok ok, I stop! lol!

So that's the details of visitor 10, 000Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket not much detail really. I was hoping to give a little virtual prize to this visitor, like a review of his/her blog on my blog maybe or something like that but no one really claimed to be the 10 000th visitor. :( If ever those details are yours contact me! It is never too late ;)

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  1. Hey hun.. Thanks for mentioning the mood and the words running through widgets.

    Yep this is a great achievement for you. 10 000 visitors. You're teh blogging Queen. Love. Jev.

  2. I've never thanked you enough for the moods :$

  3. hmmm this is indeed smefin to celebrate! waahooo!! hehe hpe ul continue kiping ur blog real, i kno u will hihi :D..
    Take kare gurl!
    Cheerz :D

  4. yes yes I will monishou! :P
    take care too girl! :D

    mo p guet miss mauritius la! hihi mari entertaining sa!

  5. morinn to pe gete miss mauritius? mama meme in dire..comsa ban tifi la kpv vilain! ! !alors..imagine twa..mwa mo prefer pa faire en

  6. It feels great to know that watever we write some people actually come by and take time to visit and read uh? =)

    :O Ayoooo I forgot abt the Miss mauritius thing!!I just remembered while reading yr previous comments!
    Alors?Bane beautés fatalement moche cette année? =P

  7. always a pleasure to drop by...thank-you for your blog! :)

    it'll be great though if your PMS mode stays activated when you're blogging! :P

  8. felicitations!!!!

    happy blogging then!

    mo koner its a gr8 thing, i will be celebrating my 1yr blogging anniversary in 2 days :P

    aller, pas blier mwa kant to coupe gato la :P


  9. thanx to all of you! :D

    congrats Angele for your 1 year and yashvin for the coming one! :D

  10. losssssssssss....

    Alt0165 = ¥



  11. Great going Morinn!! keep it up girl you rock!

    And thanks for mentioning my name..makes me feel so privileged!

    And on the topic of widgets, check out Matrix at and especially its Webmaster's section. A very dear friend of mine owns this site and I am trying as much as I can to popularize it. Can you help us please!?

  12. The best Mauritian Blog :)

    Tous le jour mo vine fer ene ti letour ici.

    Keep it up.

  13. merde morinn ine montrer nu the back stage of so blog! hihi

  14. Thanks people! you guys and gals rock! :D

  15. congrats Einstein! continier write sense!:P

  16. hmmm, I'll get back soon once exams are over(darn exams!) :)

  17. Me, valuable comments *blushes* well thanks I guess. Your blog rules, it's all I can say.

  18. morinn next you will have to make a making of something to talk about! we love you babz

  19. Congratulations!!!

    That is a big milestone - one i can only hope to reach!!

  20. Heather, thanks! :D I think you will reach that real soon, if you have not already reached it. you writing's excellent! I love your blog. Keep up with the great work! :D

  21. Great achievement of 10k. What's your next target :)

  22. Wow, can't wait to see that number on my site. Congratulations to you and keep up the good job. Thanks a lot for the mention here. You know, I was trying to go over the sitemeter stat you posted and I have a wonderful feeling, I was you 10,000th visitor. (LOL)Just kidding. Good day, Morinn^^