Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Golden Age of Weird Photography

Dudettes and dudes, we are living in the golden age of weird photography! Believe it or not. And all this has started with the invention of digital cameras and mostly with mobile phones equipped with cameras.

How to recognize a weird photograph?
  1. look for the protruding hand.


Yeah the hand is almost every time present on the photograph. This is terribly freaky but we get used to it in the longrun.

2. The photos should have absolutely no meaning

3. Photos of random trashfood or your petslipscat are considered as being "artsy"

However our portable digital cameras can be useful at times. Especially for taking the picture of an aeroplane coming straight at you or well, it might be a truck too, so that people can actually know THE TRUTH! Hehe now you guys know there's a reason why I'm always taking pictures of things around me and of myself mainly! twisted

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  1. the cat is cute. Artsy foto vraimem

  2. hahaha - i do that too. al the time. taking pictures of food, light bulbs, trees, skies, feet - almost everything :p

  3. that surely is one milestone in the art of photography, you always dare to be different morinn and i just love that, those photos look beautiful not because of what they look like but because of the creativity put into them, good job^^

  4. you talking about wierd photography,right?
    just look at this one
    it will definitely outperform all such pics clicked so far.
    here goes the link:-

    the creativity in that pic is by one of my friends.
    also thanks to my university's mess food.

    i am sure u NOT going to like it.Infact no one will. just admire the creativity.

    conclusion:- is wierd photograhy good?
    not everytime.........

  5. Yeah and you morinn, are the queen of weird photography.

    I love your pics. :p

  6. well .. d'un point de vue de noob (newb en fotografi) mo caw dir ki emphase ki tn meter lor to lamain et blurry background la c un travail de pro. same for the colorful food and the sepia effect for the pet (Li cachiet bn saleter lor chatte la) XD

    really! i have no idea of what im saying :P


  7. Thanx for dropping by people! Well, it was meant to provide some laugh, and you know how weird my sense of humor is! :D

  8. I thought it was because you were self-obsessed, never thought about the TRUTH. ;)

  9. manico, it's partly because of my self-obsession! :P

  10. Lol! a very enlightening post Morinn!

    So do we get to see more of these weird photos on your blog or have you exhausted your supplies?

  11. dudette??? haha it is a very funny word.

  12. John, there are more to come! :D

    Ropi, yup it's funny! I love it.

  13. I know your theory about the golden age of weird photos, it started back in 2004 ~ lol

  14. yup, with the advent of mobile phones in schools and among adolescents! :P

  15. weird weird photos, the weirdest one I've seen is the one on the left of your blog. who is that?she's freaky! why is she laughing like that?

  16. hey to ban foto la pa mal, weird but li bien original.

  17. Avesh, i found the photo somewhere in my files and i said, wow its looks like me! so i've put in here! :/

    Thanks monishou! :P