Friday, 28 September 2007

I saw my aliens!

This is unbelievable dudettes and dudes. I saw it from my room last night. My aliens came for a short visit.

Here's what the scene looks like by day.

Weird huh?

Nah! It was just the full moon. Hihi! Gotcha!

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  1. OMG!!! Aliens. Hope its one who listens to metal. \m/

    And yeah you got me. :u

  2. You silly woman ;)

    But love ya loadies :D

  3. hihi can't believe you people actually believed that! :D

    this post is horribly short! :S

  4. Tu veux un post de quelle longueur ? on peut arranger ça si tu veux :o)

  5. hihi,non ca va pour l'instant! ;)peut que le prochain post va etre plus long!

  6. Morinn peut parler le français. Et moi aussie suis en train de essayer de pas confuser le français avec l'anglais.

  7. lol, i had guessed it was the full moon, cause i had almost the same scenery from my window :p
    But who knows...the moon maybe is an undercover spaceship observing earth huh?

  8. Aliens attack!!! u ok girl?? hehe :D
    Full moon, ah the moon, i like to gaze at it, its full of mysteries, i love it!

  9. Hey sorry for not visitin this days. was caught up with work.
    besides, wodnerful post and snaps.

    got to catch up a lot on this space. gimem time. i wud be back with more comments.

    strong chance i d be 10000 th one :)

    Take care

  10. Sans blague, check sa, vrai extrateresstre:

    or fer kosmar asoir! :)