Saturday, 1 September 2007

Tagged again

I sense that this is going to be an awfully long post. First of all, I gotta reply to some tags. First one, it's from Cameron and it's the 7 P's meme. So here goes:

Passion - Jevi, flowers, chocolates

Purpose - Multi

Pursuit - I wish and work for a cleaner and more colorful world!

Position - Cross-legged in front of my laptop.

Pummeling - palm trees near the bathroom, how the hell will I be able to get them there?

Progress - Sometimes slow and sometimes fast. The final outcome only matters for the time being.

Personality - Moody.

The second tag is from ParaBunny and it's The Fab 4 meme. So here goes once again:

4 Jobs I've Held:

I really had to think hard for this one since I haven't done much jobs.

- I used to make and sell bead bracelets some years back.

- I've taken care of my dad's car rental thing for some weeks.

- Private tuition teacher, which I still am.

- Moderator @ NuBaz. LoL

4 Films I Could Watch Over and Over:

- Armageddon, yeah great Bruce Willis fan here! Ben Affleck was cute too. :D

- The Lion King

- Moksha

- Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola, too good!

4 Television Shows I Watch:

- Dr. House

- That 70s show - thanks Jev for that :D

- Koffee with Karan - aargh, that's fulfilling my obligations towards my mum

- All the DIY, craft and gardening shows that are randomly broadcast on MBC.

4 Places I've Lived:

- Mahebourg at my grandma's place for some months

- Goodlands, 14 years.

- Lil' Fresh Rat since 2001

- My other room. lol

4 Favorite Foods:

- chocolate in all forms (me too :D)

- The food served in hindu weddings, puri and all the vegetables dishes etc...

- Spaghettis

- Fried rice

4 Websites I Visit Every Day:





4 Places I Would Love To Be Right Now:

- In the woods

- Any beach

- In my bed

- Never never land

4 Favorite Colors:

- Black

- Orange

- Yellow

- Pink

4 Names That I Love and Would/Could Not Use For My Children:

- Millena

- Kuldeep

- Mila

- Seth

I'm tagging Jev, M0rph, Yash and Monisha!

Monisha you can do this after your exams! :D take care and best of luck babe!

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  1. ewwww MORINN .. THNX for taggin -.-

    pretty interesting stuff though .. i come to know more things abt u ^^


  2. We're off to never never land.. :p

    Didnt know you liked Bruce Willis. :Z lol Hmmm seems i gotta make a post real soon. C ya.

  3. does that mean you guys will reply to the tags? :D

  4. to ti ossi fr chanteuse dan mo lannif 15 ans! :D

  5. wat's lil fresh rat? o.O

  6. lil' fresh rat thats the english version of Petit Raffray! :P hihi

    @ Av, yup i did sing, but wasn't that a secret? :u

  7. 1 place I'd like to be right now c kot toi! :$ enba kiosk, nu have 1 bon limonade!ki to dir?

  8. Thanx dude! kuldeep nom la fer mwa rapel kikaine tres tres proche dan mo fami....(secret secret!! shhhh!) :P

    hey u watch coffee wiz karan... hmmm mo truver li tro dne preferance... li fer dimun populaire vine enkor pli bon!! mwa mo get " kareena kareena" mwa... haha :D

  9. LOL!!!

    I got it now!!!So obvious when you told me!


  10. It's one of my favorite play on words that I often use on non-initiates! :D

    cruel me! niahahaha!

  11. sighs..

    i've been tagged too!

    already done it tho :D


  12. Hi! Thanks for participating and for joining my bloglog-community. :))

    I watch Dr. House too!