Friday, 21 September 2007

My Pierced Story

I was sitting down and thinking about my life. Some people find it weird when I talk about my life because well, they think that 20 years isn't a life?! Oops, I've said my age out loud on the net. You can even check the date and when in 10 years I'll say that I'm 21 you could prove that I'm a bloody liar! You see, that's an example that shows that blogging can be dangerous to ones reputation.

Anyway I was thinking about my life, particularly of the time when I was still at school; my piercing sprees, converse shoes obsession and regular school shirking. Yeah I was not an exemplary student in any sense of the term, except perhaps that I did not thoroughly neglect my studies, I just wanted to have some fun but at night some guilt crept in and I used to study, while everyone was asleep. No one knew that I was not following the rules, except my friends. And when the results came, I was the happiest creature alive (my smile looked a bit like this, lol).morinn I was happy cause I had managed to show that I was capable of succeeding while living my way. I was barely legal at that time and all these seemed right.

Then I started giving tuitions at home to earn some money while I was free before university classes started. Imagine having a teacher who's got like, 21 or so piercings!twisted Maybe the kids found it cool, maybe they were scared of me, I remember removing each of them before going to meet them. I just was not comfortable anymore. I was comfortable with my piercings at home with people who knew me, my parents and sister.[Just for a little info, I come from a very conservative sort of family, but my parents are the most comprehensive people I've ever seen. They're my parents afterall! :D]

Little by little all my rings remained in their boxes and I never put them on again and the pierced areas healed. I went to classes, gave tuitions, met new people, most of whom had never seen my 21-pierced self. I made new friends, people who would never had befriended me before I guess.

All this to say that we should really stop judging people from how they look. I'm the one I've always been, less some piercings, that's all. I'm still me. And you know what, I wanna dig back my old rings and get some new piercings done! evil

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  1. Live it the metal way. I think we all were far from examples to follow during our time before uni started. Then we became proud and we realised we had brains. lol I love our eyebrow piercing so do fuckin wear it next time.

  2. Hihi, Is that an order hun? Well I'll definitely wear it next time! :P

  3. I think everyone looks back at something they had in college that they had to leave behind later in life ... and they feel a little sad.

  4. You were cute with piercings. It did not look gross or vulgar.frankly.
    and you are cute on this photo too. nice teeth!hihi, you've got the whitest teeth i've ever remember when smoking girls used to come ask you tips to have white teeth?lol

  5. yeah and I used to tell them to eat apples and chew sugar canes and they looked at like "you're kidding right?" hihi! But frankly, I think the teeth are genetic, my mum's got the same "cocktail party smile"

  6. l'habit ne fait pas le moine...

    u cant judge someone by his look.

    but, sometimes, exagerated number of piercings do mean other things, lol.
    ena ene limite.

    anyway, u r an example koz u showed that with or without piercings, u r the same person inside.

    keep it up!

  7. lol... <3 piercings too.. had 3 each ear + lower lips + eyebrows , but i had to remove! doenst look pro it seems tsssk!

    mais toi la recor sa! 21 :o

    mais ena vizib just par jev? jajajaja! :P

    aler cheerz

  8. j'adoer les piercing ossi.t'en ai battu le je pense qu'il fo ke tu les

  9. coming from a high-profiled Brahmin family implies lots of responsibilities towards your name and towards the people in society who wait for the tiniest occasion to speak bad of you. That is why it is important to seem "normal". People have unfounded jealousy towards more successful and popular persons and this is stupid of them. A young person should explore every aspect of life and make his/her own decisions concerning good or bad. If suppressed, this person will go out of control.
    You made the right decision. We are proud of you. Sincerely. Papa

  10. yashakun, it depends on each person's opinion and perception of what can be called an exaggeration.

    nat, yayy! :P

    morph, la plipart ti lor mo zorey, rest assured! :D

    anais, yup les piercings sont bos.

    pa, you've said it all! Thank you :$

    bbzush, thanks! :P

  11. I still maintain you're a nerd. You got 21 piercings to hide the fact that you've got brains. lol. don't be scared of your intelligence! :P

  12. Ashamed of studying, I can understand that.
    I wanna see the metal version of you, coz now you look so cute and cuddly :d

  13. Avesh, perhaps I was trying to prove you can be a rebel with brains!

    Manico, cute and cuddly?! aaaww, that's sweet! :D hihi

  14. everytime mo post 1 comment, something happens and pas reussi poster comment la successfully :( This time i try again.
    Well well, mo croir zis 2 fois ine trouve toi, pas rapel si ena piercing :S
    Quand mo trouve dimoune ek piercing, even for simple earings, mo feel 1 kaliter, as if latete fatiguer...zot pas gagne dimaaaaaal???? mo get sa em, mo gagne dimal moi :S

  15. I unintentionally pierced my buttocks once, when I accidentally sat on a fork.

    I did not put any rings in the piercings though, as my behind is quite splendid enough.

  16. Roushdat, wi gagne dimal mai result la ti rewarding! mo ena nek 1 piercing pou linstan, lor mo zorey, bne lezot la nepli la.

    Lord Likely, I guess those kind of stuff can only happen to you!

  17. well, people change during the time usually.

  18. Wow, morinn, more than twenty piercings? That's really a lot and they must look cool. Hard to manage them though I guess. I haven't tried piercings though I have some tattoos, which do you think is more painful, being tattooed or pierced?

  19. I think that the tattoo hurts more because it's a pain you have to bear for quite some time, depending on the size of the tattoo. For a piercing you feel all the pain in a millisecond then everything is fine again :P

  20. 21 piercings??? lol Si jette toi dan de l'eau to coulé en place sa. ROFL

    Mo content pierce ene seul zoreille, et C'est tout.

    Et ene seule Tatoo lor mo le bras samem lol...Mo pa encore mette Tatoo la, li encore dan design stage la.

  21. Oh morinn, you had me at Converse shoe obsession.

    cardiogirl, low tops optional