Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My Savanna is being polluted by stupid people

It all happened yesterday when I took my dogs for their evening walks. I usually don't take them too far. I let them loose on our own property, the part that is still left wild. I call this part the savanna because, well it looks like a savanna minus the lion, zebras and giraffes of course!

So, coming back to yesterday, I was really angry to see that some people have dumped their garbage on our land. I just can't imagine how someone could make so much effort just to dump his garbage in the property of others when in this region scavengers make rounds twice a week! Instead of dumping the trash here, they could just have put them in those big LMLC sacks and waited patiently for the scavengers to come and collect them. Duh! They must have looked really stupid taking all their garbage presumably by night and coming to dump them here.

My mother's take on this is that those people are not aware that scavengers do collect plastic stuff and they thought they cannot burn their garbage either so they just carried the whole of them and came to dump them here with the hope that the land owner will not notice the huge pile of garbage.

I'm still figuring out what to do about this. My father suggested a "private property, do not dump" sort of sign to be put there.

Do you think this can solve the problem?


  1. I agree with you it is awful the way people just dump their rubbish. I often wonder what would happen if someone did exactly that in front of their houses. You could put up a sign...anything is worth a try.

  2. I forgot to comment yesterday, i just lurked :(

    That is awful we have a big problem with fly tipping where i live. People just dump crap wherever.

    You might provoke the evil dumpers with a sign?

  3. well, i dont think by putting a board saying private property ect will actually help.as people who will throw garbage will keep throwing unless some concrete actions are taken.

  4. I think that having a sign will sure help.

    The people will realize that you are aware that there is dumping on your land.

    I think you can take harsher actions against dumpers if you actually have a "No dumping. Private property" sign.

    If you are putting a sign, honey, why not have a "Private property. Do not cross." one??

  5. purple lady, welcome around! it's a pleasure seeing you here.

    claire, never mind, the visit was enough! :D
    and i do hope something changes when the sign is up

    tushal, i think for now a sign will do. if things persist then we'll have to put forward an official complaint.

    jev, "private property, do not cross" sounds like there's gonna be fire shots! lol. i prefer private property no dumping. but i don't think we can really customize our signs can we. it'll be cool to say, "we're watching you dude, take that ugly sack away" haha!

  6. When you put this kinda sign, ppl would be more drawn to throw few garbage bags more thn usual...

    Just an exp....Mite not happen too!!!

    BTW thanks for droppin bi my blog. Hope you visit too often :)

  7. @ morinn

    Thanks for replying on your own post. LOL Do com back soon and visit your blog often.

    From the management.

  8. yeah Ashu you might be right! if i'm passing somewhere and there's this sign I'll feel kinda rebellious too and would want to dump something! hihi.. and we always find places where it's said dumping prohibited where there is actually more garbage than anywhere else.this proves that the signs are not really effective!

    @ Jev, thanx for the reminder, i don't promise anything, but I'll try to visit my blog sometimes! hiih

  9. dumping craps in others territory is quite awful but you know, your mom might right. sometimes people doesn't know about the scavengers picking up garbage around.

    yah, you could put signage to let them know that you,the owner, are aware about this wrongful doing.

  10. yup, my mother also suggested that the newspapers and radio stations etc should inform people that scavengers make rounds in their region. most of them go to work at the time that they pass so they're not aware about this.

  11. moo I love the fact that so many girls are commenting your blog! And I must say that you're the only gal who can make me laugh when she's in a difficult situation.

    "They must have looked really stupid taking all their garbage presumably by night and coming to dump them here"
    awesome! LOL

  12. thanx ush! :D

    yeah some humor is never too much! :P

  13. I'd say yes to the sign.
    And also clean up the site
    regularly, so people don't
    see other trash already there
    and get the idea that this is
    an acceptable site to put their
    own trash. AND, you might want
    to poke through some of it and
    see if there are any envelopes,
    which might have the name &
    adresses of the people who are
    tossing their garbage on your
    land. Then you could send them
    a polite request to Cease and
    Desist their obnoxious littering.

  14. aww dats indeed a prob! essaye met 1 espes baraz metallic autour laterre la 2gether wiz the sign. i fink it will help

  15. Hi Jaya I think you might be right about this.

    Monisha, yup we are considering the fencing too! it'll require lots of work and many metres of fencing too! :(

  16. hello all the chicks down here! ;)

    morinn, we agreed that your property is like europe, not like africa. wats all dis savanah thingie?

  17. I don't think that will solve it. You know the nature of people.."When the cat is away, the mouse will play..." You need to catch them red-handed, I mean the people who are inconsiderate to destroy your savanna. If they know you know them, they'll surely think twice before committing the same intention again..

  18. Avesh, yup ok it's like Europe, whatever :/

    lord stone, i think that you may be right. but how we are going to catch them red handed is the question!

  19. I hope we're able to get over that problem soon enough.This is driving us all nuts,as usual.

  20. mum i sense that it is more of a blog promotion than an actual comment! but i do appreciate it! :D

  21. People always leave trash all over the place. You can't do much about it, but clean it up so they don't do it again or others don't start doing the same thing.
    I do wonder what those scavengers do with the trash? Do they recycle it? Or just dump it somewhere else?

  22. i think they dump it somewhere else. we haven't really got recycling here~

  23. they are very stupid to do this.

  24. How come those people have access to yr property?

    Putting a sign won't change a thing I guess.Some people won't even bother abt the sign and they'll continue to dump their garbage.


  25. Oh, that would upset me.

    I'd be concerned about potential health risks to the dogs, too.

    Time to set up the video camera and catch them.

    Keep up posted.

  26. oops - keep US posted

    no "edit" or spell check button. :)

  27. Yeah, I can't even let my dogs loose on that part anymore. They have even dumped chemicals and pesticide bottles there! This could certainly affect their health. :(