Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Post to piss you all off.

[This was written in ten minutes while I was going to Reduit. It contains lots of stuff about me that will not change the course of your life in the least bit. Also if you thought that I was not arrogant and self centred this has the potential to break your miserable dream. So much for the disclaimer. ]

Here goes:

Six years ago tragedy struck the USA and most precisely the state of NY with the incident of the WTC.

Six years ago I remember that my grandma was at our place and I was sitting by my favourite glass table, doing my homework. It was a particularly tough accounting question and I was not paying attention to the muted TV playing right in front of me.

Just then, the telephone rang. I don't remember who answered it but I know that just after that the volume of the TV was turned on and some foreign news channel, probably BBC or CNN was casting news about an air crash and the attack on the WTC.

I was really excited by this news. My parents and sister were panicked. My grandma wanted to go home. She was scared and insisted so much that my father finally agreed to drop her home. By that time, it was already 8 pm. The driver came and we set off. There was just four of us; me, my father, grandma and the driver. The drive to Mahebourg, where my grandma lives went quite smoothly and quietly. It was almost 10 pm when we arrived at destination. We had a conversation with our family there and set to return home quite quickly.

On our way back we passes near Plaisance where the airport is located and we were lucky to see a plane take off.

[Now there is something interesting that I wish to share with you. I always find it funny and somewhat annoying when I'm going to Mahebourg with my family and the driver is suddenly asked to stop the vehicle to admire a plane take off and everyone will gaze at the sky in amazement and point fingers and let out big "aahs" and "oohs". Having been born in Mahebourg, I consider myself as being a southern chick and southern chicks are not amazed by anything plane-related! :D ]

So, coming back to my story, we saw the plane take off and for the first time in my life I was truly amazed. Not by its appearance or the lights that are cast when it takes off but by the thought of how it would feel to see that coming directly towards you about to kill you, destroying everything about you. You get the picture. This thought was very creepy and that night as long as we were in the airport's vicinity, as long as I kept hearing the plane's noises, I was afraid. These planes were deadly pterodactyls, innocent-looking yet very lethal.

We then passed through Plaine Verte. There was a private meeting held by a political party there. My father went in to say hello. I was scared. On our way home I kept silent until I got home. I had my homework to complete. And had to stay awake a long time before I could call it a day. So much for how I've spent my 11th September 2001. I was 14 then.

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P.S : It contains grammar errors I know, too lazy to correct.


  1. Very well written. I cud feel the horror of 9/11 seeing on TV. It was really horrible.

    And when I saw the ground 0 last year 1st time, I was moved to tears and my heart went out for 2000+ ppl who lost their lives to maddening attack.

    Very well written sweetz!!!!

  2. a comment that will piss you off ->

    wat was i doing on that day?
    i was watchin Jamel on zapping (canal+). he was saying something like that: "thousands die in Africa from all sorts of calamities...disaster strikes in the states and the whole world cries. who will cry for those in Africa?"... i agree with him.

  3. A day /event that changed all our lives and futres.

  4. Uh... why should we be pissed off by that post? :P

    am not! just ur personal experience on 9/11 ;)

    my mom's bday is 9/11! :D

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  6. ashu, thanx ;)

    waz waz, nothing can really piss me off, nothing true that is.
    I agree with you.

    yup mrs nesbitt it's something memorable.

    thanx lash, and happy birthday to your mum! :D

    heck, who deleted his/her comment? :(

    thanx bill

  7. its nt being self-centred. i love the trash attitude.this is you girl and not the sunny you.the fukin afraid and emo you is better.heed my words.the sarcastic you is better too.

  8. thanx anonymous, though I'd appreciate it if you mentioned your name.
    I omitted some stuff while writing this. Like I learned that night not to underestimate not "learned" persons. The driver, who is a part-time carpenter, was talking to my dad about the attack and he had so much insightful thoughts. I was impressed.

  9. i was mostly excited when this happened. i thought school would be closed! but nothing happened :(

  10. hihi, yup everyone had to go to school the next day! but did you expect some sort of public holiday or what? :P

  11. yea indeed, the 11-9 was an un4gettable one. I remember we did the 1 min prayer for the victims in school

  12. yeah the 1 minute prayer was a nice thing to do ;)

  13. Waz disaster is caused by natural causes but the plane crash was caused by humans. I think that's the reason why there has been a lot of talk on that.

    On 911 I was watching TV not really understanding because I thought "2 planes crashed against the WTC. ^o) Are we in a movie here??". Then I realized it was true, and I too was excited thinking there wouldn't be any school the next day. Mem aprer la mort du pape si pan gagne conzer. Mo enkor p atan mem. LOL

  14. lol, yup moi si mo ti p atane 1 conzer aprer la mort le pape, mo pa ti ler ale lesson o fait. ti ena plin devoir pou fr ek mo ti dvan tv. merde touletemps mo dvan tv ek p fr devoir! :S

    sanse mone give up sa habit la ;D

  15. Okay, it was a funny post.Didn't know you had southern chicks on Mauritius as well. :)
    It's a sad event though, this 9-11 thing.
    Stay safe and don't drive under the wheels of an aircraft and stuff.

  16. umesh here.
    i want to talk about something .... :)

  17. it is very interesting to cherish some memories, bad or good, i have never ridden a plane in my entire life and i feel that it would be scarier than see the plane taking and soaring just before you, i liked your description though, i picture it and imagine as it is the end of the world, nice post here morinn...

  18. what you wrote here is touching.

  19. you wrote this so well morinn. it was a pleasure to read.

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  21. @ Jevin ->
    Tsunami was a natural disaster and there was a lot of talk about it. why? was it because the countries that have been struck are the playground of the rich and famous? :P

    diamond conflict in Africa was caused by humans. why was there a lot of talk about it only after "Blood Diamond"? I wonder if I can say same thing about Hotel Rwanda! :P

    mate, it's just about the media coverage. that's the one country that can broadcast everywhere and influence every media, e.g. the recent Iraq invasion. false info about WMD was spoon-fed to everybody and all allies were like "hell ya, we should definitely invade!" lol, i'm not blaming anybody. my point is that media not always = reality. true, it is a shocking event but hey they have had it coming.

  22. I have to say, the thought of what it must have felt like to see that plane take off that night in that context is chilling. Great Post.

  23. You wrote what you felt, about something awful that happened far away. I don't see anything selfish or "piss-off" worthy in that.

  24. Watching a TV programme on 9/11 this year brought to me memories of a similar dreadful incident,I had been part of.

    Well written post Morinn.Keep up the good work!