Sunday, 30 September 2007

Random Thoughts

Has it ever happened to you? That you're sitting around scratching your leg and some thought occur to you and you actually wish to share it but never can. Well it happens to me all the time!

For instance, recently I've been thinking that the song Doorie of Atif Aslam should be banned on tv and radio. I just can't bear it any longer. Really! I thought it had stopped until I heard it today on tv.

Then, don't you think that if there was less (not to say zero) romantic movies and songs, breaking up would have been easier for people? Hell! We could ever have decreased the level of suicide per year.

Love songs are really misleading; they either give the listener the impression that he/she is in love or they depress the person to the extent of resorting to desperate measures.

Let's face it people, you don't need to tell the one you love that he/she looks like a rose, PC, chocolate, [insert nice word here] to let the person know that you actually care. Yeah love is complicated! It is made complicated by dumbasses! Duh!

And then, what's with this habit of using retard language around me, huh? Creole is really complicated as it is and then some stupid bitch decides to complicate the whole thing event more by starting her own dialect. The other day I got a message on a networking site from a fellow mauritian gal and it went like "zelo bla bla bla" anyway that's how I saw the message! A note to you if you're reading this: I'm fine with the fact that you use your personal retard language among your friends etc but don't assume that the language is universal and go about trying to communicate with me using it! Duh!

God! Why me of all people! Why meeee!

Aaah I'm relieved :D tension gone! Thank you for reading! hihi...

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  1. Premier dabord, kot jevin? \\\\\\

    2eme dabord... mo pa sipporter ki dans moris dimoune koz ene langaz different entre zot kan zot morisien... WTF?! Zot morisien, koz creole... pa bisin koz si pa ki bhojpuri si pa ki entre zot... Ek creole la mem... pffft... bisin tane creole la em kouma different, ena pou mette so boute indien, lot so boute, anglais, lor so boute francois... Mais merde... creole la ene langaz sa... zot pou mette mo indien dans zot composition franC? Parey, creole li ene langaz, vrai langaz national... respecter li, koz li bien, ek kan zot entre morisiens, servi creole, pa zot langaz ki zot servi dans lendroit ou dans lakaz... \\

  2. LOL Yash..

    Mo ti parlamem sa ban zour la. lol

    Wer morinn i think you are right. Love songs suck, metal rules. lol. Robb flynn once said that with all thats going on in the world, all these issues and problems arising everyday, you find only that to sing about? (these arent his exact words btw) Yeah i think people should stop making love songs. They suck anyways. LOL

    Concerning the languages, one word LOL.

    Biz. C u at uni.

  3. waahooo yash so cv p envoler

  4. yash, moi dan mo cas c t mem pa bojpuri, lol, sinon mo ti pou compren. c t 1 langaz super retard ki fam la ine inventer mo croir. mo abitier montrer jevin bne exemple de sa. li servi sa partou partou. bondier conner kifr. merde mo p tro pren nom bondier recement. kav careme pitri paksh sa :S

    jev... wai wai, b si pa ti ena bne love songs dimune pa ti pou motiver pou gueler ek deprimer si. Robb Flynn ena raison kelke part! mais kan mem bne tube de celine sa en vo la peine! ;D

    blatt, elo. o.O

  5. nice post girl! suicide rate pu diminier for sure sa...hihi... pfff sa ban fim ek serie hindien laa tro cretinise dimun sa. Si zamais mo vin premier ministre (dison!), 1er zafaire mo pu ban sa ban imbeciliT la m! :S

  6. lol @ personal retard message!

    i agree with the love songs part! but, not sure about it decreasing the suicide rate...still, you are right, it should be banned! coz, it gets me to puke a lot! lol

  7. Salut Morina dis... c'est quel dialecte du français que vous parlez ? je ne saisis qu'une mot par ci par là...

  8. hihi waz, I forgot to mention the puking part! :P

  9. who the hell ever remembers love songs anyway?

  10. i wonder morinn who is this girl you are talking about!

  11. yup usha, no one except radio stations remember them!

    natasha, it's not you. rest assured! :D

  12. Well if you want to make your own version of Mauritian creole in this case, you have to start spreading it until eventually people will start using it just because they start to think you can only speak that retarded thing. At that point in time you and your language are well on its way to become established and maybe become an official language. Probably not likely since well the person using it is so unpopular she needs community sites to spread her lingo, but language is a living thing. I thought you paid attention in your linguistics classes.

  13. Hi Morrin,
    Can’t imagine why you don’t like the song Doorie( though it's a romantic song ) . I love it! So are you a fellow Indian too?

  14. thnx more people who don't love that song..doooooooorie..i hate that song.

  15. you are right about this manico! God I should have paid more attention in class! :D

    hihi, tushal! I think there are lots of people who don't like this song! :P

  16. hi there.. may i know u? where r u from?? mail me at or give me a visit at

  17. that's the most stupid comment I've ever got! pfff

  18. one 1 for the post - LOL moi mo croir morinn pan assez dormi et lin lever de movais poil! lerla lin tan atif blabla lerla lin dir "TRO C TRO"

    ziska dimun coz creol si in gagn so zourer ! niaahhaahhahaha

    menfin ... ya des jours ou on ferais mieux de rester coucher!


  19. trouvE aprE kan mo dir ki zenfant ki pa koz creole simple, zot bann zenfant lakaz, zot dir ki mo sovaz lerla :p

    love songs makes me see how life sux :p


  20. " ... love is complicated! It is made complicated by dumbasses! Duh!"

    I like that and it is so true.

    I hate it when my mind wanders, but glad to know others have the same problem.

  21. whoa! tht was some candid talk Morinn...

    loved every word of it though! keep rocking girl!


  22. Yes it happens to me so often. :)
    By the way, a nice read it was. :DD

  23. Where am I? What song is that? Don't seem to know..

  24. morph c vrai, mo ti lev de movai poil enplis ti ena sa song la.

    selven, wai fran about love songs

    debbie, yeah you're not alone

    john, thanks, keep rocking too! :D

    keshuvko, thanks for dropping.

    fruity, hmm, don't worry about this! it's better if you don't know the song! hihi

  25. oden said...

    hi there.. may i know u? where r u from?? mail me at or give me a visit at

    Yes you can know me. Im from mauritius. Ok i'll mail you. And i'll visit you. LOL LOL LOL

  26. oops what are you going through???? i hope you will be able to sail through it.

  27. sometimes it happened to me but i am afraid to do it. Nice blog... Keep it up!

  28. It does happen to me. There are so many unexpressed thoughts I try to keep in me though as much as possible, I really want to share them with the people around. There are actually things I deeply wanted to post on my blogs but sometimes, I find a hard time wandering how to go about them. I learned something from Blogcatalog though, according to one of the members there, just write and write and let your ideas flow. YOu can do the editing later. That works for me. And you mentioned Creole, I think it is indeed difficult, I came across this once but I still don't know much about the language. Is is a little similar to English but more complicated?