Sunday, 2 September 2007

something embarassing

Today when I was giving tuitions to the form 3 kids I broke into a terrible fit of laughter. It was not the kind of laughter that goes for 5 seconds and ends completely, it was the kind that lasts for minutes and which leaves your mouth and cheeks aching and you blushing as hell. Luckily the kids were laughing too, especially the girls. I wonder what's wrong with the boys! Do we have to like, explain the joke? Hello?

Anyway, I was reading aloud an advertisement on which they had to answer questions and I was using the kind of tone that you get to hear on the radio. You know, like those weird, out of this world kind of perfect-accented female voice. I did not find it that funny at first but when everyone started laughing their ass out I could not handle myself. Usually I adopt the one-man show (in my case one-woman show) kind of poise while giving tuitions. I do crack loads of jokes but never laugh myself. But hell, this time I gave in! Anyway I know this can't be so bad but I was working on my professionalism this week. Ah well! Humppph... I guess I've been the funny teacher again!

And then I had the flue again today and it was cured after some hours of sleep in the afternoon! Weird! But my virus alert was quite effective! :P

I'm off to a hot shower and some TV. Take care dudettes and dudes!

BTW, got these images here: Computer Enhancers. Do check them out! ;)

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  1. LOL never knew you took the one man show pose during your tuitions. Weird. I've got to see that one day.. :P

  2. hihi. you just had me give you all the details about it. next thing i know you'll be asking me photos of that the next time! I better geroff before this moment comes! :u

  3. U Rock!!

    there's nothin' better than a Good Laff!!

    + yeah i wanna see da Pixxx too!!


    is geroff similar to jeroff??


  4. hi morinn,

    Sometimes when job becomes boring or difficult, laugh can make you a good days.. Your students are so lucky has a happy teacher.. Am I right ? Hehe

  5. thanx keeyit! :D

    yeah they must be happy to have a cheerful teacher! who wouldn't? ;)

  6. Lol! There was a time when I used to teach advance physics and maths to the students. I used to rake in a lot of money that time and was pretty popular. I remember I had this group of 3 students once who were not that bright really. It was a lazy summer afternoon and I had had a hearty meal. I explained a Dynamics numerical to those guys and gave them a problem to work on. While they were working I closed my eyes and I dozed off!

    $hit that was real embarrasing! :-D

  7. @ raving lunatic, that must have been a hell of a situation! would have love to be among the students though! :D

    @ ropinator, yeah your explanation solves it all suddenly! hihi

  8. I still can't imagine you as a teacher. Not that you can't be the serious kind.But I think you're too damn gorgeous to be a teacher!

  9. Greetings from India!
    this post made a pleasant read, a certain warmth while reading. Goes to show teaching kids is fun too.

  10. I feel kinda proud that you're part of the family now, with all those embarassing moments and all.

  11. you remind me of my fellow teacher who has been absent for two days now, I had no choice but to take over her classes and I am so deprived of sleep, poor me TT I like the flu thingy that goes with the post, cool^^

  12. Great one. Laughter this days comes with a huge cost and has become a rare commodity.

    Wonderful blog.

    Ashu (

  13. he he he Morinn, if you were amongst the students then no idiot can fall asleep *wink wink*

  14. I'm glad you liked the lines I wrote about elves. Gurth 'ni yrch! ^_^

    A good laugh from time to time is the best medicine, believe me. I couldn't help laughing my ass off yesterday when I saw the comment someone left on my last video, hehe :)

  15. Nothing wrong with a funny teacher. I wish I'd had a few more of them.

  16. Great story,

    A good healthy belly aching laugh...

    Thanx for sharing and keep up the top blog you have!

    Jim n Em (Not Eminem)
    AKA GO! Smell the flowers.

  17. And that makes 13.. :$:$

    Love you loads.. Keep up with the blog, its awesome.

    I'm sure whatever you say here does get to where its supposed to go..

  18. thanx hun. you know what, i think you're right! love ya loadies! :P

  19. Great job keeping your readers coming.

    I had this teacher once... She farted during our exams, at first we thought it was just the chair she was sitting on, but after awhile it smelled really really awful.. My gosh! I almost fell out of my chair trying my best not to laugh.. LOL.

  20. Children need to be entertained because they have the attention span of your average commercial break, so that's really not long. Good job!

  21. thanx guys for the words!

    your farting teacher story is awesome Jay! hihi!

  22. You wondered why the boys
    weren't laughing along with
    you and the girls...

    They probably were too busy
    trying to figure out if you
    and the girls were laughing
    about THEM.