Wednesday, 3 October 2007

elections at uom

Yes yes ladies and gents, the time has come! We'll once again head to the Raised Plaza to vote. I don't know about you, but I just totally love the pre-election days and all the colors and banners! My all-time favourites are the various speeches. I mean how can you look at people straight in the face while making all these promises? But I'm not here to judge.

Sorry for these crappy pictures, I was taking them undercover! I'm not sure I'm even allowed to post them here! I love controversies!mrgreen

Oh and about the slogans, for God's sake they could have been a lot more original!

Nah, I'm not complaining but I think that if you're hoping to be elected in an institution like UoM some intelligence and originality need to be put in use!

What the hell am I talking about? All you have to do is win a singing competition! Duh!

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  1. morinn I thought you will be a candidate for these elections! :s

  2. Yeah the elections are near. :p:p Who will win?? Suspence suspence.. hehee Wer morinn ti bizn pozer. \m/

  3. wai, mo logo it pou sa aigle keep metal brutal la. ek mo ti pou met com slogan, vote for me and help me buy a new laptop, and some new gardening equipment too! haha

  4. a b morinn vo mieu to dir sa em.dan place to dir pren destin dan lamain sipaki enkor.prefere dir aide moi aster laptop,la guitar,1 nuvo lakaz! haha

  5. tu ferais koi si t'etais candidate elue morinn?

  6. win a singing competition, i stand no chance :(

  7. Prend destin dans la main, kot in al gagne sa ban slogan bizar la?? fouf foler fous meme sa !

    Sinon campus paret bien animer, l'ambiance la seryer??

  8. morph, moi si mo ti elue, mo fr cheerleading vine compulsory among bne tifi! hihi

    ek 1 concert par semaine! :P

    manico, I'm sure you've got a lovely voice! XD

    chervine, yup lambiance seryer! mai imper pli calme ki last year selmen. peut etre ke sa viendra dan les jour ki suivent!

  9. Wer c vrai ki li pli calmen ki last yer, mem si sa laner la ena pli buku parti p pozer. hmmm esperons ki nu gagne n bon Union.

  10. 1 concert par semaine, torr! morinn to ti bisin poz candidate!! hihi :O

  11. lol @ concert sak semaine! bizin rod bne bon artist! :D

  12. lol.votez morinn!next year to pozer.

  13. Guete bien Student Voice so laffiche...

    "Votez et faite votez" <--- Check sa franC la...

    pa fini...

    "La voix des Etudient" <----

    Pa kone ecrire franC, ecrire creole bane zens...

    Zot ti deja p parette con kan zot PA kozer sa bane la... aster, kan zot ecrire, zot p zis confirme zot nivo de connerie... Mo pa mem envi imaginer kan zot p fer campagne, kouma zot p essaye convaincre zot bane partizan potentiel...

    Au fait, si si, laisse mo raconte zot bane la zot campagne ene coute... Zot batte ar ene zelev CSE lor lescalier... zot crier li, tifi la virer.
    Zot dire li "To vote nou pou elections!".
    Tifi la demander "Ki sana zot?".
    Zot repone "Nou mem bane zelevs pli populaire CSE". <--- NOTICE THIS
    Tifi la reponne "B zot kone mo nom, moi mo pa kone zot, ek zot dire moi zot ki populaire!" <-- GUETE SA GROS CLAK LA... Muahahaha... Mone telment rier ki mo ti pres pou gueler tou...

    Bon, mo pa partizan aucene partie moi ein... Mais mo CONTRE sa bane la... Fran tout, nou l'union pa merite gagne bane cons de ce nivo la... Koze creole zot pa konAIS... FranC mo dans sommey mo lissien ti pou ecrire pli bien... aster imagine zot sa bane la pou koz AAANNNGLAINS kan pou ena bane seminar officiel tou sa? Bez sa... Et en plus, vaut mieux mo pa koz lor zot programme electoral... LOL... It's a pity...

    Zamais mo al voter moi... ki li municipal ou general... Mais sane fois la, mo p al voter, nek pou ki sa bane ventards (dans vide) ki forme parti sa party la gagne moins chance éli...

  14. Well, I am not good at politics but I am sure it is not that to lie.

  15. top lambiance @ uom :p Well well, moi mo 1 dimoune ki toujour tenir parole. Et lor la, en plein mois careme, i told the guyz out there, ki mo pou vote zot...So i will :) Zot tou pou gagne 1 vote from the future president, me faire zot tou plaisir ;)

  16. yash, mari cou'de pied sa fam la ine done zot sa! hihi, tro bon! enplis zot mem pli populaire, mem si mo ti bill gates mo pa ti pou dir sa! :S
    merde kifr mone dir bill gates la. moi si mo pou ale voter this year. pou vote lekip ki stand the least chance. ki lekip sa btw? :S
    ena independant uom?

    ek sa zafr zot pa cone koz anglai la si, fouff, lot fois la ena 1 ine vine fr discour dan mo class, so bne zat, zoz, zan ti p mari disturb moi. sa pou ale vine office bearer?
    enplis, si pa cone koz anglai papao, ress ou lakaz, enfin non, mai pa vine koz anglai dan class.
    ki akoz nu fr french ki zot pou vine impress nu ek anglai? pfff

    roushdat, yeah vote for the least popular too! :D

  17. u are posting pics which u dont know whether u are allowed to or not!!!!

    looks like that u really love controversies. my best wishes.

    college elections are really funny. i like the catchy slogans. we used to roam around whole college shouting it. now it looks funny. ha ha ha

  18. yeah controversies are like that, you gotta love em! :D

    I think election at your college is carried out in a more mature way than @ ours!

  19. Ahh the politics and elections...i miss the brawls.

    Yeah I was a mean old tough guy :-D

  20. UTM aussi ena election la :D

    Sa semaine la pou trop pou attanne banne la fer boufons lol

  21. votez blok! mai ki?? lol

  22. hmm.. yash that was... a bit rud saying it that way, enfin, its your opinion, mo preferr reserve mo jugement :p

    moi si mo ti pozE mo ti pou vinn avec 1 slogan
    "vote selven, under who's dictatorship, freedom shall reign"

    :p since i am not interested in money nor do i like fame, unfortunately, you most favourite dictator (selven), will not take that post, maybe later :p

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  24. Hahaha, I remember my high school days, I ran for president and I established a political party known as X-MEN=Extra Magnificent Energetic Party. Guess what? I lost the elections. Later, I realized that the party I created was a pun of what I am now. (LOL)

  25. Helo morinn...hmm fanx 4z comment! uv got an awesome blog... :p iv added u on ma blogroll so i can b updated to ur spicy posts :p cheerz

  26. thanks for adding me maliha! i've added you too! :D

  27. wai mo sir si kikene servi symbol blok li gagner for sure!