Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Loo's Birthday

The surprise was not disclised! Yeaah! :P and well we had fun except that I wasn't very well. Argh! Wrong time of the month. Better luck this Saturday I hope! We changed the color code to yellow and red cause we were all very much uncomfortable with only yellow. I wonder why.

And we made our egg-less cake because we are all fasting but the cake was yummy as usual! :D There was also peach ice-cream and jelly.

I'm awfully tired dudettes and dudes. That's it for the post. I'm off for some good sleep! Yawns.

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  1. good job at keeping the secret, the cake looks good and get better

  2. Yeah. It looks like a success. :P I can smell the cake. :O Smells good. :P I want a piece.

    Btw I didn't understand the thing about the coming Saturday?

  3. congratulations for being able to keep it secret.

    and gutte besserung!

  4. Ropi, thanks.

    Jevi, on sat we'll celebrate another birthday. :D cookie

    Thanks Ashish. Though I don't know how to say thanks in German. :S

    manico, I'm happy this made you hungry! :D

  5. 1 mirak sa ki loona pane coner!

  6. Mo p gagne faim :(

    Mais ene chance surprise la ene reussite ;)

  7. bann cam ti celebrE zot lanniv sa semaine la, gato ti veg meme, was good.

  8. C tres... erm... jaune :D

    C bien ki surprise la in res ene surprise ^.^

  9. jev! yup yup cookie's birthday

    avesh, wai 1 super mirak! :|

    slasher, hihi gato fr toi gagne faim? :P

    Selven, wai saison gato veg la.

    BbZush, wai c t tres tres jaune. Durant des jours entiers mo ti p trouve jaune partout! hihi

  10. red and yellow is a good combination i guess, i especially like the red and the yellow roses combined, that cake seems delicious, i bet you all had a good time on your sister's birthday...waiting for your own birthday as well...

  11. wow secret pane devoiler!1 achievement sanala

  12. the frangipanis look gorgeous. i love summer only for them. and the seaside too.
    and the cake, looks yummy.
    i've never eaten one with no egg at all selma... kan to pou amene ene tranche gato pou moi?!

  13. lord manila, thanks. my birthday is in february. so next year! :D

    usha, achievement c vrai!

    Keli, cake sans egg bon selmen! li gagne 1 bon gout vaniller! :D

  14. the cake looks very good ;)

  15. disclosed sa non?pa disclised!fot de frappe?mo pou gagne frapper la? XD