Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Secrets of the Brethren

The secrets of the brethren are not yet out and it's been almost one month since the MBB blog has been up. Those who regularly visit or know about the Mauritian Blog Brethren already know that the secret of the identity of the MBB team has not yet been disclosed to the Mauritian blogging population, though various attempts have been made on the MBB forum to know something about them! :P Many speculations have been made and some even believe that the MBB team are a bunch of UOM lecturers! This is very possible I guess. Especially, since the last review I've read is of a lecturer's blog.

Several blogs have been reviewed so far and one of them is mine! :D Cool huh!

I don't know to what extent MBB has attained its aim at promoting Mauritian blogs and bloggers but personally, I've got to discover new blogs, make new friends and it has also helped me "break the ice" by going forward and participating in other blogs. I've also got to discover the blogs of old friends and I've bonded back with lost friends! lol! No, I wasn't paid to say these! (I wish I was!) :D

Anyway, I hope they keep up with the good job and best of luck to them and to all Mauritian bloggers! Let's help MBB in building this wonderful Mauritian blogging fraternity! :P yaaayyy!

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  1. You sure you didn't get paid for this post? :D

    Or is this your hazing assignment to join the fraternity.

  2. Mo trouver qui mbb in succeed in building a true community of bloggers. After all nou ena 1 zafaire in common, c'est Mauritius!

  3. I must say that it is true Morinn did not get paid to say this.

    Thank you for your support and we hope that we succeed in making the Mauritian blogging community a powerful one! ;)

  4. Wai MBB did a good thing. Their forum is very nice. And its good to have blogging friends. Thank you for all MBB..

  5. hihihi, she didn't get paid mais surement li p try bribe mbb pou blog on the month sa ;) (kidding hein :p tention to encolere )

    Nice intro about the mbb, gud tone review li...cause li review pou lezot and persone pas p review li :p

  6. lol, nothing is needed to join the fraternity! rest assured! :D

    irfaan, wai c vrai, nu ena nu pays en commun ek nu langaz si.

    mbb, thanks :D

    jev, wai forum la nice net

    roushdat, mai non c pa du bribe! lol kav si mo ti send bne mbb 1 gro gato dan 1 boite kdo lerla! hihi

  7. mbb or not, we must not forget the Mauritian Blog tracker, which is doing a wonderful job since years, at least 1, since am in the blogo sphere...
    n i dont think that any of us have ever given some credits to Stephane Lee for the work accomplished.
    However, mbb is also doing a gud job...

  8. hey morinn its so very true! mbb is doing a wonderful job, that of reuniting mtian bloggers. and i have to say it does give good reviews, albeit being too polite, to my taste! hehehe
    i only wish their identity never gets revealed, cuz that may break the 'mbb thing' and we all love that thing, dun we?

  9. yashvin, yup, but unfortunately the mauritius blog tracker lacks the interaction that we get at the mbb.

    keli, wi we love the mbb thing! mne blier mentione sa. c vrai ki tou le mystere pou fini once ki so identiter dcouvert!

  10. Yashvin, I just wish to add that the aim of MBB is not to overshadow the MBT. We did not start everything by aiming at making people forget the work done by the MBT. In fact you would have noticed that what the MBB and MBT do are completely different things. We were not even inspired by the MBT in starting the MBB.

    However, we do enormously respect the MBT and will in no way want people to forget the great job accomplished so far and we wish Stephane Lee a wonderful continuation.

    If people are giving us credit, it is really flattering and encouraging for us and we would like to point out that we have never asked for it. We do not even ask for backlinks. Some kind members have produced badges and we are very proud to display them.

    We are happy to interact with our members through comments and discussions on the forum and our only aim remains the promotion of Mauritian bloggers.

  11. la derniere fois ki mo ti post 1 truk lor mbb si imper dimune ti koz lor mbt.

    lol dudes, mo pa ler fr personne blier mbt moi. c juste ki franchement mo pa gagne mbt so facon work bonne ek mo conten interaction ek bne discussion ki ena lor mbb.

    enplus pa kav dir mo hypocrite koz mo pa 1 member lor mbt!

  12. hmmm, yashvin gagne tracker bonne aparament. ena bne bon ti solution anal pou sa!

    kidding man!b o fait mbb ek tracker p co exist. personne pa p rod la place de personne. mo trouve sa imper chiant ki to mentione tracker kan morinn p koz brethren.

  13. zamai mo ti tane parler blog tracker moi ziska ki kan to ti fair to post lor mbb la.lezot dimoune ti p koz tracker.mai mo pa coner kifere dimoune p rode mete 1 rivaliter ent mbb avk blog tracker?

  14. moi, zm bien mbb :-P Mne gagne nuvo blogs pu lir, new blog friends, ek fran tou, forum la super :-P Zis ene sel prob... MBB c ki :-P

  15. wer li xtra seryer mbb la. zot in mem comment lor mo blog. mo kwar mo bizin susbribe la dan. mais mo met enkor un peu post avan. Mbb dapres mwa donne 1 point de vue assez objectif et pretinan lor sak blog ki lin review.

  16. go, go, go MBB, and good luck to you Morinn^^

  17. if you pay me to track em down and to figure out who they are :p i can break their secret :p

  18. at least we know the authors behind MBB are part of UOM community of bloggers! :P

    good thing about MBB is that it's really getting MU bloggers to interact and come together!

  19. @ Selven

    Wii fer li. Lerla ava paye twa si to gagne ban results convaincant.