Friday, 12 October 2007

Some News From PAWS

On the 6th of October, PAWS & The Municipality of Quatre Bornes have celebrated the World Animal Week by organinsing an Animal Family Day in Pavillon, Quatre Bornes.

On that day, Denis Ambroise and his friends gave a Dog Training demonstration, which was filmed by Mike Tedford from Brindol Productions, for PAW's 15th film to be shown on MBC TV, Channel 3, on 18 October 2007.

Some kittens were also brought to Pavillon for adoption, and photos and stories about adult dogs looking for a home were exposed on that day. Some dogs which have been adopted from PAWS were brought for their free vaccination and check-up.

Everyone present had a great time, and the Animal Week was publicised on MBC Radio, during the 'Anou Alle Chiake' section of the 'Zenfan Moris' programme.

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  1. Ohh a post about paws. They do a great job and we all know how difficult it is. Carry on with the work dudes.

    Morinn that's not MR K's dad. :u But they do look the same. ;)

  2. It's good to be keeping us posted about PAWS. ;)

  3. lol, yeah Jev, though kushie is leaner! :D

    bbzush, yup it's good to be caring for animals! ;)

    mbb, yes more posts are to come once I get updates from Roxane Marin and the other PAWS members! :D

  4. OMG, you guys have Pedigree too? Isn't this a small world where one can buy the same dog food all around the world. yea animal shelters rock coz they get all those dogs away from the street and they keep the dog poop from my shoes :D

  5. yeah manico, it's amazing how some brands get international!

    and it sure has some advantages not to have dog poop on your shoes! :P

  6. sa fr moi mank 4 bornes! :(

  7. aws to paws!
    great post about a great org.

  8. je veut bien adopter un chien? C fesable sa??

  9. Chervine, wi c fesable!

    si to ler adopter from PAWS chek so website. ena li lor mo sidebar. to pou kav gagne bne info lor kumen bne adoption la derouler etc! :P

  10. long time no comment...ih
    yesterday me saw ene program on PAWS,really nice wat those peepz doing
    and its really nice to keep us posted about that...ih

  11. Geeeezzzz... I love those big dogs.

  12. yeah it's really wonderful Rooch! :D

    natasha n ed, yup i love those doggies! :D

  13. interesting, you also seem to be an advocate for animals, i suddenly had a recall of my dad's propensity to eating dog meat, do some people in mauritius eat dog meat too? i'm just korea some do as well as in my country...

    thanks for sharing some photos

  14. protecting animals is one really gud cause ;)