Sunday, 14 October 2007

Think Green!

I've registered for Blog Action Day some weeks ago and I was supposed to be writing something on the environment for tomorrow, the 15th of October. It's not that I'm giving an excuse, but I'm really out of inspiration right now and I feel that to solve environmental issues words are not really much of a help and we rather need some action.

It's really easy to be sitting in front of your PC and then finding some images and information on Google and bang! You got a post ready! People will read it and say wow! And what about when you get out? Did the situation change? Did people stop cutting down forests or littering on beaches? Did the ozone layer mend itself by magic all because of these words?

Yeah it didn't and it won't! What we actually need is education; educating the mass about pollution can be a better way to prevent it. Most Mauritians who have access to the net already know about the implications of pollution. By blogging about it, considerable changes cannot be brought. It's not that I don't give a damn about the rest of the world but each of us has a responsibility towards our immediate environment and by making it a better place to in we will contribute to making the country a better place to live in and this will extend to the whole planet. Yeah I know this sounds utopic. But at least it's worth a try! wink

So don't forget to go out and try to educate the people around you and try to embellish and protect your environment from pollution! Think GREEN! mrgreen

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  1. super post. mo penC bizin prend ban action rapidement parceki ban leffet rechaufement ou lezot pollution pou vini pli vit ki nou penC. aster la mem nou p ten2 inondation dan 1 pays apres mem pays gagne la sechresse. ena ban cyclone de plus en plus for. Et c ban pays pauvre ki pou souffer plis a koze zot pena moyen protege zot contre sa ban calamiter ki pays riche p provoker la.

    mais problem, coute ser pou vin ver!!! pli facil zeT ki recycler, loto hybrid pli ser, ou ban industri prefere jette dan la riviere san traite zot decher.

    interessant net green day la.... le 15 oct, mo kwar mo si mo bizin met 1 post lor mo blog.

  2. "try to educate people around you"

    lol... kav gagne bater tou sa...

    Na b franchement... C alarmant...

    Asoir, minuit mo pou post moi ;)

  3. wai c vrai kervin tou sa couter! parey kumen kan mo abitier guet prix bne lakaz ecologik zot coute bukou pli cher ki bne lakaz normal tou sa akoz in the long run zot cost effective mai la dimune pa kav sanzer pou bne truc pli "green" zot oblizer ale ek bne old ways em parski zot pena moyen

    Yash, wai fran dimune ki pa rod compren pou contester em sa! lol

  4. Depi talére mo post pou ready....

    Great post...Educating people is the key...Mais franchement vrai mem capav gagne baT tou sa, si mo trouve ene dimoune p jette so can la biere et mo alle dir li ramasse sa...... :S :S Sans oublier ki capav li nisa tou :P

  5. Wer the key is education. Et morinn, mo cner comyer to strive pu have a better environment around you.

    Wake up people and lets save the planet.

  6. lol Koonul! wai pa ale lev ar bne dimune kan mem! tantion perdi lavi tou!

    Jevi, wouep to rapel mo lider environment club pou plante fler dan bne place public pou ki zot ress moin dprimant? ;D

  7. parfois m tane mari zurer kan m dir dimun kitsoz... surtout bane vier dimun la... zt bien fer fout ek toi... Zt dir toi zt pa pu sanzer... -.-

  8. yeah difficult to change old habits!
    but what ppl dont know is that you don't need much to change the world. if everyone did some small thing, that would contribute to make a BIG thing!
    silly stuffs, like for example not throwing away your plastic bottles but instead trying to use them several times or buy less stuffs and instead recycle old stuffs...i think consumerism is killing the world today, all this is a vicious circle. but people can change that, and education as you say it can change people.

  9. ropi, the environments thanks you :D

    bbzush! lol! sanse tone sorti saine et sauve dpi sa bne dimune la!

    keli, wiii, li vrai. the whole concept c sakene fr 1 ti p pou li em ek sa pou extend to the community ek to the country ek aler em! mais si selmen c t vrai! :(

  10. If only everyone can be educated. Some just won't listen and probably never will. They are too concerned about their livelihood to give a care about the chain effects.

  11. @ morinn
    Jevi, wouep to rapel mo lider environment club pou plante fler dan bne place public pou ki zot ress moin dprimant? ;D

    Wai mo rapel. Maybe one day nu cav fer li. Ou cav bizin coz ar Mr President. Kot li eter, notre President la??? LOL

  12. you are so right about this one moo! c vrai ki en terme knowledge em nu bne morisien nu mari lag behind.bizin educate bne zenfan si

  13. fruity yes it is very selfish of people but at times we cannot blame them.

    jev, lol, le president po la!

    usha, yup it begins with children! :D

  14. Great Post...

    Think Green... nou planet p couler ... in gran temps pou sauve li...

  15. Thinking green isn't enough, because lets be honest, people think cheap first, green later. So it's up to the government, or a very kind rich man, to give us money so we would act/live green because driving a hybrid, living in a solar powered house, buying stuff without plastic is really expensive if you put it next to the ungreen way. Oh the government could ofcourse make all the ungreen things really expensive by taxes, but that would be like annoying for the little people like us.

  16. i totally agree that people in a total shud be educated and make them learn good manners and not to pollute and dump

  17. Bien bizin educate some people Morinn, u r right :p If the need be, prend baton mo dir...

    (1 de bane zelev c pencore comprend em ki sa planet la en danger :S)

  18. so right Kevina! ;)

    Manico, yup unfortunately there's no incentive to move towards greener solutions. the prices discourage people to invest in energy saving products.

    yup natasha, feels good that you agree to that.

    Roushdat, hihi, wai G Bush bizin bukou lesson particuliers

  19. nice post!
    c nou ki pou soufer en premier, nou ti l'ile! tou cki nou kav fer pou combat pollution, b sa pa pou servi a gran choz akz nou proportion pollution li bien tigit face a ban pays industrializer kouma lamerik ki p mari polluer lemonde!! grr!
    dont wanna sound negative here but i think its true, nou zis ene ti point lor la terre. :/

  20. don't worry...we are educating by blogging! people read about it. they are impressed. they want to know more. in the end, they come out a little bit more knowledgeable. And hopefully, they will act accordingly.

    know wat? if next time, we should have all Mauritian bloggers get together, tour mru for snapshots of polluted areas and blog about them...hopefully, i'll be around as well...

  21. Every little bit helps. If we all do something, it affects things and hopeful improves our lives and our environment. Thanks for your support of Blog Action Day.

  22. That's a great post for Blog Action Day, Morin. We all must do our best to educate people about environmental issues -- beginning with where we live.

  23. Thanks dudettes and dudes for dropping by and giving your feedbacks. :D

    Rooch, wi nu zis 1 ti point mai nu tjours kav fr nu ti point la vine 1 zoli place sans pollution. ;)

    Waz, yeah it'd be really great! i'd love to do that! when will you be back btw?

    Cindy, thanks for dropping by. It was a pleasure to participate in Blog Action Day.

    Thanks Bobbie, exactly. We should clean our own habitat first before getting ambitious about others.

  24. Well said, just one thing missing, when you see someone not doing what s/he ought to do to keep up a clean planet (atleast basic things):

    >zour li
    >si li pa comprend pouri so lavie
    >si li pa komprend em, koz so kozE ar dimoune
    >si li pa komprend meme maltraite li divant dimoune
    >si li pa komprend, bat li
    >si li pa comprend meme touy li
    >si li pa comprend meme, piss lor so tomb

    ~selven(a.k.a pc_the_gr...)