Thursday, 18 October 2007

Thrash Concert

Today I spent some quality time in the library with this poster. It's the one announcing the forthcoming thrash concert of Conquest for Death, a US band and of Feedback, the Mauritian band.

Venue: Conservatoire Francois Mitterand
Date & Time: 19hr on the 24th of October
Price of ticket: Rs. 250

Here's a snap of the tickets. Lovely aren't they? :P

If you're a rock fan don't miss this out! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. See ya`all dudettes and dudes! :D

P.S: for more info contact jevin9 [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. Hmmm you made the post. Thanks. This is gonna make more people aware of it, hopefully. Keep Metal hun. \m/

  2. R.S stands for Rupees or something else? I thought Arabic is the national language in Morocco :o

  3. Opps! mistook Mauritius for Morocco

  4. -.-! waaaaaa mo ti tan dir sa concert la... feedback fais un combeback?

  5. M pa ti tander em sa :P De toute façon pa pu go, m ena exams ek mwama pa pu laiC :/

  6. Have fun, I guess. Now be careful with the moshing and stuff.

  7. keep metal Jev! :D \m/

    thanks ropi

    joel, hmm its rupees and its mauritius

    morph, waaaaaaaaa feedback le retour du grand comeback, hihi

    bbzush, moi si mo vraimen pa sir mo pou gagne permission go la. :(

    manico, yes i'll be careful. dontcha worry! :D

  8. Mo pa pou aller acoz pa mo style metal sa :s

    Mais mo ena banne camarades ki bien envi vini...Kot capav gagne billet??
    Contact Jevin mem??

  9. zot p vende billet toi avk jevin mem?

  10. Ban ki interesser mail mwa. Rest ke 4 jours avan concert. Mo penser ar mo tousel zot pu gagne ticket dan le nord.

  11. Rock has changed so much these days! Yeah yeah i might sound cliched and an "oldie" here but when musicians stop "composing" music and start "creating" it, the days are indeed numbered!

  12. I think I'm getting old since I don't even know this band exist. There are so many new bands nowadays. I'm still living in the 70s or 80s I guess, when rock bands rule!

  13. those bands are not really known internationally. so don't worry.

  14. wow morinn ur blogs a real hit
    thnks for ur frequent comments like to read ur posts
    enjoy the concert
    c u

  15. thanx for dropping by Adi! It's a real pleasure! :D