Saturday, 10 November 2007

3 things to die for and my top musical picks.

Hiya dudettes and dudes. Been a while! lol. I've been tagged by the wonderfully sweet Meghna and I gotta talk about the 3 things that I'd die for and my top musical picks! Sounds fun enough! :D

The 3 things that I'd die for would be:

1. A room the size of my home.


3. My brain when I was 11 years old.

OK! all these things are to be taken lightly, except no. 3! hihi.

Ah! and now my top musical picks!!

Now now! I did blog about those as my crush of the month. So it's time for some posts digging.

hmm, apart from those, I totally love movie soundtracks, especially those which feature some kinda unknown music bands.

So here goes dudettes and dudes, a tag that was not really well answered. I'm off for some sleep. But before I go, here's the name of the people I'm tagging. Jevin, Keli, Rooch, BbZush, Roushdat, Adi, Waz, Manico, Lord Manila.

I won't mind if you don't do it! wink lol! See ya'all!

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  1. I'll answer them here

    Three things that I'd die for:
    1) being a secret spy like James Bond -i'd probably get killed on the job :D
    2) having twenty rolls-royces in the garage
    3) have a house made of candy -it would not stand there long :D

    Three musical choices:
    1) Coti - Nada de esto fue un error
    2) Fedde le Grand & Ida Corr - Let me think about it
    3) Kanye West - Family Business
    and so much more, but this is my choice for the moment

  2. Hi Morrin,
    I'm glad you did the meme and so soon too! You've written it nicely (anyways pretty better then mine) :)

    Take care and keep in touch!

  3. manico, great musical picks! i know a friend who loves Fedde le Grand. I heard its good.

    Meghna, yours is far better with the photos and description! :D

  4. being a secret spy like James Bond -i'd probably get killed on the job :D


    Nice.. I didnt know some stuff here. :u No i know. hehee

  5. lol jev! will you be answering those tags? i bet it's no :u

  6. your brain when you were 11 lol lol lol
    i'd die to eat as much as i want and not take up a single pound X 3.

  7. lol! that's sure a wish to die for! moi si mo ler pa pren okene kilo :(

  8. Kuma t brain ti eter kan to ti ena 11 ans? ~.^?

  9. lol! mo brain ti imper pli fonctionel a lepok! :P

  10. Would you die for Google? Strange option.

  11. i was only joking about the thing ;)

    not to be taken seriously

  12. thanks for the tag morinn, google must have had a deep impact on your life and you put it at number 2, i really have to thank google myself too that i found my way to blogging^^

  13. lordmanila, i hope you're feeling better!

    yup google has really marked me! :D

  14. hiya Morinn,
    thanks for the tag! i'll answer it asap...kinda busy with some MBB-related stuffs and some uni stuffs! sorry!

  15. ok! no prob Waz! What are those mbb related stuff? :P

    ok ok I know my curiosity will kill me someday! hihi

  16. you have been reviewed on my blog!