Thursday, 29 November 2007

conspiracy theories

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? I don't! Why? Because I don't want to. It's too much of a waste of time and waste of resources without forgetting waste of mind. But then when something become so obvious that you cannot ignore them, then, well, you cannot ignore them.

One of those things is the weird fire spree that takes place every year around the same date near my house. Yeah! Today we noticed a huge fire in the forest, it was really weird and since my mum was scared that it burns down our electric pole, we called 115 and the firemen took a whole 45 minutes to find the place. I thought after all these years the guys working there knew our address by heart! Anyway, after half an hour of firefighting the fire was under control.

My point is, last year, on the 26th of November, something similar happened, the sugarcane field in front of my house caught fire. I had even blogged about it! Oh God! I was so stupid then, finding a fire something fun! Now it's not. I remember in 2001 something similar happened and it was in November.

You see! It is a sign! It is a fucking sign! eekBut I don't know what it means! rolleyes

The last time the firemen talked about sabotage. I mean what is there to sabotage in a cane field? But the first time it was the savanna and this time it's the forest. It's private property damage or whatever and I think we gotta put an end to this! hmmph...

Anyway, see ya'll dudettes and dudes and my paranoid aliens.

P.S: I got a new haircut! :P It makes me look like her, but I'm quite happy with it! :D

You know what this smile means? Never ever try to take a picture of yourself when you've just woken up. Here's what it will look like! I'm just too lazy to take a good pic! redface

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  1. Woow beautifully written. Yeah thats sabotage.. :O Bastards..

    Anyway your hair is awesome. :P

    Btw was this fire also a sabotage??

  2. hmm, according to the fireguys yup it was a sabotage! but it's pointless! why would anyone want to burn our forest?

  3. Do you know if there are plans to build something on your property? Has anyone ever come up to you and asked to buy the property? If no, it's probably just vandalism and not really sabotage. But I can see why it sucks and it hurts and stuff. Especially if your electical pole would've been hit, no Morinn blog. It would be the end of the world.

  4. because someone wants to burn you...
    perhaps its only the summer sun, afterall forest fire is quite common during summer.
    i wanna see the new haircut! picture pictureeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. manico, i dunno, no one mentioned anything!

    keli, mo try fr 1 bon photo! :P mai fran narien pa p vine bon! :P

  6. to sel fam ki mo cner pa bizin depense 1 veritable fortune kot coifez pou gagne 1 zoli la coupe. to cv 1 mari mirak de la nature sa! hahaha

  7. sirman kikenn ki conn to blog sa

  8. thanks for the comments people! tired tired! :S

  9. Hi i hav creatd ma blog. chek it out and plz tell me wat you think.

    I hope the problem wiv the fire is solvd

  10. hi offbeat, i cannot see the link to your blog on your profile. it is unavailable! :S

  11. :o Vrai vrai sabotage? Be careful!

  12. awww...maybe someone forgot to crase so cigaret avan li zette li lerla sa ine vine ene super difer kine brule tout...
    when do i get to see u with the new haircut? ih

  13. I so want to see your new hairstyle!!

    Post a picture plzzzzzzzz =D

  14. thanks for the comments girls! yup i'll post a pic real soon! :P

  15. C juste nature doing the job Morinn :p nothing to worry about...unless fire la reach cot toi :S


  16. Oh i think yr haircut is gud ^^ I like :D

  17. normallement... dans periode la coupe.. bann proprietaire cannes zot met difE dans zot caro parseki li pli facile fer lacoupe lerla.. ET ena kapav claim lassurance tou!