Thursday, 22 November 2007

Pretentious me

Yet another blogging award given to the pretentious me! Oh yes I am pretentious and I'm glad I am, cause let's face it, I've got great reasons to be! Just kidding people! So I've got this wonderful blogging award from Lord Manila Stone. I must say that I'm really honored firstly because of the award itself and secondly because of the person who awarded it to me. He is one of my favourite blog authors and I really think his writing is awesome. Thanks so much! ;)

So I'd like to pass on this award to wonderful dudettes and dudes whom I think really make a difference in my own little blogging world.

So here goes... *drum rolls*

Jevin - for being the "metalest" guy around twisted

Keli, Rooch and Adi - for being great blogging babes and so true to themselves

bbZush and Sayuka - for being so good in what they do razz

MBB team - for the superb job done!

Manico - for being a superbly wonderful writer

Emperor Ropi - for being the best historian in the making I know of biggrin

Aargh I'm superbly mega tired. I will write something meaningful tomorrow!

Hmm, and I gotta write something on MBB's theme of this week! Hope I can do it before Saturday. It's on online communities. Anyone willing to help gets free flowers! :P Great deal huh?!

Anyway, see ya dudettes and dudes.

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  1. Cool. So nice of you to give it to me. And i think you deserve it. Love you and your blog. Cheers to you, you silly pretentious girl.. :u

  2. Thanks Jev! :P but you were supposed to say that I'm not pretentious!!

  3. Wow, my second award this week, I'll have to blog about it tomorrow. Thanks Morinn, you deserve the Be The Blog award.

    What's the theme, and is the price a baobab, coz I think it would be kool to have out in my garden? Wonders if baobabs can handle the rain and the cold of belgium?

  4. lol! i think the baobad will prefer a warmer climate. but why choose a huge tree? :P

  5. Thanks for the award Morinn! :D Our very first!

  6. thankyu!!! and congrats little pretentious that you are! ha!

  7. Congratulations! I have never god award like that.

  8. award la conten rose la selmen!to bizin blier met tou bne awards lor sidebar la.dpi lontan mo p dir toi sa

  9. Thanks a lot for the great mention. You really deserve the award, Morinn. Keep up the good job. ^^

  10. morinn said...
    Thanks Jev! :P but you were supposed to say that I'm not pretentious!!

    Nope you are. :u

  11. thanks lord manila! :P

    jev, okie je le suis! :u

  12. hey u forgot me!
    just kidding
    congrats for ur award
    looks cool

  13. awww. i knew i forgot someone important! i was so damn tired! :S