Sunday, 4 November 2007

summer's finally here!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwoooh! summer's here dudettes and dudes! OK, I know that's not the first time I'm saying it this year but this time it's really true! Today I went to attend a wedding ceremony and we were literally melting! Luckily my family decided to go home before the ceremony ended. So, on reaching home I went gardening and it was then that I've realised how much I loved summer cause that's the best season for gardening.

Moreover, this summer is the first time that my coconut tree has produced coconutsPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and my palm trees have produced those lovely red seedsPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket which my dad calls "supay" or "supari" and which are used in prayers when dried.

And oh! we've got a new-comer on the earth patch near the kiosk, I totally love this white flower, though I don't know it's name.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh, something else, I got this from BbZush:

The designer of this award gave it out to 10 people with this in mind:

“I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell, and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement.”
I pass this award on to everyone on my blogroll. I know it makes more than 10 but some of you won't accept it, so it'll be roughly 10. lol!

Have a wonderful day/night dudettes and dudes!

P.S: I specially wish to give this award to Jev cause he's always been there when I really needed to smile. :$

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  1. I miss summer :( It's so cold here now. :'( But I won't cry, my tears might freeze :(

    I want coconut trees!

    Geez, i'm so whiney today.

  2. we're definitely in summer here! no more cold nights! hihi

  3. lol, now its sure, we know ur garden by heart...
    if some1 reads all ur posts, then he completed a virtual tour :P

    now related to the post:mo p transpirer dan boulot et mone met clim lo 10degres :P

  4. i think you have a real nice backyard or fronyard whatsoever, that white flower there is called "angel's wings" in my place, i love those too and my boss is surely going to kill me when he comes back because i seem to have neglected his "angel's wings" in the office^^

  5. @ yashvin, penkor complete virtual tour la, mone montrer nek 1 face mo jardin. ena enkor 3 face plis 1 jardin legume! hihi

    @ lord manila, angel's wing is an interesting name and very appropriate for this flower! :D

  6. Yess another post on summer. :u

    I like that flower. Angel Wings is a badass name btw. :P

    Thanks for the award hun.. Love you..

  7. summer veut dire vacances osi... yupiii!!! Hey btw morinn eski sa ban espes "supari " la pren letemps pu pouC ? paski mne envi planter mwa osi... zot bien zolli ek cav fer decoration ek sa :)

  8. @ Jev love you too! :D

    @ monisha, non li pa tro tarder pou pousser. mai ena fois li ress vert ek li pa vine rouge. mo croir bizin met bne palmist la dan 1 place bien soley.

  9. i miss Mauritian summer! ;( damn, i want to be at the beach!!!! i want to free-dive!!! ;(

    thanks for the award! here is something i did not know about my blogging abilities: i make people smile!?! i would have thought that my entries were so mean at times that readers/lurkers can end up crying...i guess i have been wrong! :P

  10. waz, sometimes sarcasm can make people smile! :P

  11. i prefer winter to summer
    i hate the heat, the perspiration, the excess sebum on my face and the buerk smell which clings to veryone
    but i admit that summer does have smthing special
    its announces the coming of celebrations, of bright sunny days at the beach in bikinis, of Christmas and New Year and of mangoes and litchis and melons

  12. mo p miss summer ek la plage ek bane coconut tree partout :(

  13. @ adi, yup summer is the happy season par excellence! :P

    @ usha, wai mo compren ki to p miss tou sa. lol

  14. Mo pa trop content summer because my mum pou dire moi ale coupe mo cheveux plis qui 100 fois!

  15. l'ete ziss bon pou zardinaz.sinon touffer ek so dan lacaz

  16. @ morinn

    sarcasm cav fer gagne zourer si. lol mne bien passe ladan mwa. :u

    @ usha

    Moris nepli ena laplage astere. Tou pier coco ine fini couper.. lol

    @ avesh

    Mo dac ar twa man. morinn ena ban pouvoir daprerlord li pu li cav contan leter.

  17. We are going to have winter soon. Congratulations on the award.

  18. I logged on specially from Bangalore to see how my favorite girl is doing on her blogging space and i see lesser pictures, lesser content and NO COMMENTS ON MY BLOG!

    LOL! You have to get that energy back Morinn!

    And I am in Blore now, check my post to see how am I doing!

  19. eh wow to zardin mega gran, i'm jealous! mwasi mo ena sa espess fleur blanc la, mo kwar it gets out only in summer. i love summer too, everything is so bright and despite tou dimune plaigner akoz saler, zot tou paret bien pli heureux dans sa moman lannee la.
    muahhhh, thx for the award ;) you make me smile too.

  20. Arrggh!! P miss sa summer la ek sa la plaz la!! :(

  21. Summer is here mais zush enkor p drmi ek so 2 couettes, la porte, la fenetre fermer :P

  22. yuhu!
    i love summer too but i guess its gonna be anormalement chaud sa laner la :s

  23. hmmm ban fruit 2 saizon la si pa pu tarder la....

    fini commence trouv mang mure tou!

    coco la p0rn net eh! :P


  24. Mosquitoes can ruin the whole atmosphere unfortunately.

  25. wow ton jardin e tres bo morinn! pren soin. biz

  26. Summer is great. A lot more things can be done. Winter is dull, boring and extremely COLD! Makes me looks as fat as Santa with thick layers of clothings

  27. Hi Morrin,
    This post makes me feel really jealous cause it's winter here! But anyways, it's my birthday in winter so I feel good!

    Really nice post and well written too! You're doing a real hard work so you have my compliments and good wishes!

  28. @ jevin wa man!li folle imper sa tifi la non?pa zis ban gueter cot li reste,pna lacaz mem.ggn lair plin

    @ natasha on se conai pa? :P

  29. you have a beautiful garden morinn!

  30. Hey, it's great to hear about your garden and what you're up too!