Sunday, 18 November 2007


Ok, first thing, don't mind the title! I'm in a very very jovial mood today! I woke up late late (round 8 a.m) and guess what I saw? This! A cactus in a lovely orange pot! It's like those flowers and stuff you receive on Facebook, but this one is real! My dad says it's gonna grow super big. Anyway, I love it. What a better gift than a cactus for someone like me?! hehe!

Anyway, I've been tagged by Koonul some days back and luckily BbZush's post reminded me of the tag! :P

So here goes:

Top 5 quotes/lines:

- Liberty is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. (Eric Blair)

- The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. (Albert Einstein)

- I don't wanna be an Angel, I just wanna be God! mrgreen

- krodhad bhavati sammodah sammohat smritivibhramah (Gita 2-63) From anger comes delusion; from delusion loss of memory

- Flower Power!

5 Things I'd love to do before I die:

- Own a large grape plantation

- Live a simple, hassle-free life

- Go to Egypt and come back alive

- Have wonderful kids

- Live a happy life before I die!

5 things I will not do even if it kills me:

- Reveal certain secrets!

- Kill someone wink

- Dye my hair

- Stop brushing my teeth hihi

- Hurt an animal

5 things I want to say and never will:

- I'm religious

- some have it, some don't. You don't!

- I'm a pioneer

- Digital Fortress is lame!

- I'm beautiful.

5 things I do when I'm away from the public:

- Read Harry Potter books

- Dance

- Practise cheerleading steps on metal songs! that's fun

- Go to the toilet, now come on, it's a must!

- Sing! Oh my God

5 things I'll make you wish you didn't do, if you did:

- hurt someone I love (family, friends, doggies)

- say something bad about me and my blog (meme dimoune sa)

- touch my nose! twisted

- blackmail me! yup yup! I meant sending me a mail in a black envelope! :P

- Not available

Ah well! That's it dudettes and dudes! So much for the tag! And hmm, I'm tagging Sunflower Avi, Keli, Rooch, M0rph and Waz! Dunno if you've done this tag before! If not, well do it! haha

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  1. Cheerleading steps on metal: I so wanna see. :D

  2. You woke up at 8 a.m and you think it's late? o.O

    What if I tell you I usually wake up around 9.30 am on week-ends? =P Hahaha.I am so lazy I know!

    This cactus is cute!^^ I wonder how big it will actually grow.

  3. manico! yup it's fun but not really coordinated!

    angele, 9 a.m is still fine! :D
    I hope it does not grow that big! i've had awful experiences with cacti before! their thorns! aargh

  4. mo le 1 cactus! mo le mo le. c ki ena fler rouz la. to cner?

  5. usha, wai mo coner! ti pou zoli si ti sa sa!

    emperor ropi, cool! :P

  6. Hei Morinn

    Brill answers to the tag by Nus. Take care and do keep so well. Rii :)

  7. thanks for the tag, Morinn! :)

    gosh, i've just realised i owe you one already! hmm, i'm slacking...

  8. i owe you bien plis ki ene tag moi. si mo ti toi mo ti pou aret tag moi... ih so cool of you to still wanna tag me... grrr
    harry potter? ahem no comments.
    go to egypt and come back alive. lol lol lol.
    very nice cactus!

  9. lol! don't worry for the tags guys! zot fr li kan zot ler ou pa! :P

    bbzush, li pa late mai selmen dabitude dan dimanche mo ti p lev 6h30 pou done lesson! now mo dan vacances! :P

    thanks ashu

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  11. That's one damn misplaced spam. :\

    I wanna see how big that cactus is gonna be one day. I like cactus plants. They are different and they give the impression that you are in the far west. lol..

  12. lol yup! i love the far west feeling too! :P

  13. that is just lovely, i miss the varieties of cacti we have at home, i always talk to them early in the morning while sipping some hot coffee^^

  14. lol~ nice to meet another cacti lover! :P

  15. Portuguese spam on top of that. I can see I've been tagged... That's sweet. Seriously. The thing is that it's the first time. What's being tagged?

  16. A tag virgin! :D I
    ve explained everyting on your blog!

  17. To pena cactus model desert USA?? Pareille coumant dan Lucky Luke :D

    Cheerleading steps on Metal songs?? :S


    Mo p imagine toi fer sa banne steps la lor chanter "Damage inc - Metallica"

  18. Dropped in from Ropi's site-- this blog is amazing! You have a great eye for photography!

  19. hihi Damage Inc! good idea! :P

    Thanks tea n crumpet! ;)

  20. Hey Morinn hows everything!

    Good to have some insight into your mind and the way it works *wink wink*

    BTW, how come you dont visit my blog anymore? :(

  21. Congratulations of getting a cactus! My husband killed his cactus once... too much water. :-P

  22. OK, what are those "certain" secrets? Come on. You can't leave us hanging!! :)