Sunday, 25 November 2007


Too tired to "construct" a post. I just wanna express some feelings. Hope I'll be relieved after that!

I've got so much stuff to do that I feel like I'm gonna crack. Too much stress, too much work load, been a while I've lived life like I used to some weeks ago. For someone like me, not having fun is like hell! Yeah I wanna be carefree! I feel like I've grown up all of a sudden. Having to take care of this, take care of that! This is so damn ruining me. rolleyes The worst thing is that I'm rude to the people I love because I just can't handle stress. I tried to calm down last night I couldn't. The good thing is that this will be over soon. Once the vacations are here I can be happy and care free again! biggrin

Thanks for listening to me dudettes and dudes! You're my therapists! :D

By the way, got something funny to narrate. Today on MBB's forum someone told me that my blog looks like a cauliflower (chou-fleur)! hihi Am I the only one thinking he's never seen a cauliflower? mrgreen

Sorry can't help gossiping!

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  1. chou fler la zoli!so fresh!moo pa cass tet tzour maintain li cuyon li open war ar kikene kumen no wat i mean huh :P

  2. Wai c n con morinn. Pa kas tet. To blog pa couma n chou.. Loin de la. Li plito couma n zardin. :P Tm tm.

  3. usha twena raison! mai mo pa dan mood laguere la! :D

    jev, merciii! tm tm! mo conten mo zardin de blog! :P

  4. Life can't be jsut fun. sometimes you have to work hard.

  5. Ki rapport entre ene choufleur ek to blog?

    Kav nek sa moment la meme dimoune la ine gagne ene l'envie manze choufleur ek line ale dir toi to blog comment ene choufler! :o

    Btw... I have some difficulties handling stress also.And the people around me are the ones paying for my bad mood. *sigh*

  6. awww c vrai! c tjours bne dimune ki pli proche ek moi et ki envi help ki paye les pots casser! :(

    lol about the cauliflower, yup i guess that's the only possible explanation!

  7. Mais non, ton blog ne resemble pas un chou-fleur, plustot un fleur chaud. Damn, that one was lame.

    Note to self, don't try to be funny in French. :D

  8. lol manico! that was funny though! :P

  9. LOL! Morinn you should have explained further on how can your blog be a cauliflower!

  10. sou fler.pli movE critik ki monn dza tandE sa.dia li vinn aprann critikE R moa

  11. lol
    omoin to blog ressembler kitsoz... hehe
    eh tone deza notice loder ki soufler ki p kui ena? li senti p-t!
    donc sel test pou koner sipa to blog ene soufler ou pas c seye kui li... okay sorri i'm having one of my bad hair days.

  12. I hope you feel much better now morinn, I myself is always thankful that I can blog and express some repressed emotions. It is indeed a relief. In my hometown, cauliflower is one of the most expensive veggies, maybe that comment you got is a compliment, a cauliflower is bright and healthful, it's a good thing to look at...What do you think?

  13. john, he did not explain further ;)

    antish, wai daprer lord

    keli, wahahaa! wai b kumen cuit 1 blog? :P

    lord manila, yup a blog is a therapy in a sense!

  14. Manic.. Dude that post where you were using was funny. Sup anyways?

  15. to bane emoticons aligned dan to post :S freaky net sa!

  16. ure not the only one tired
    am feeling half dead as well
    hope u ake it with whatever u are
    n its quite natural to tighten up wiv stress and become rude
    all we've got to do is try to take it easy
    i know its easier said than done

  17. adi, yup you're right! vivement les vacances huh! :P

  18. wehhh to pa tousel a te sentir komsa. i think its the exams ena exams la? mwa mwena 2 modules ek zamais mone al dans klass la :s
    ene chance li pane dir toi ene trik genre margoz ou patol ou patisson ou bred ou sousou ou lisou

  19. waai exams :( mari mat! lol! wai mieu vo chou fler ki margoz! :P

  20. i'm like that 2. i'm usally happy go lucky and crazy and stuff but now im down and stuff

  21. glad i'm not the only one feeling like that. again, a name would have been ok :)
    but i dont know if you are the same anonymous


    Work hard and... and... you'll die :P

  23. Hi Morrin,
    Life is not a bed of roses, as the saying goes and you've proved this by your post!I think that man misprinted it and wanted to write only- FLOWER!
    The CAULI was extra (according to me!) :D
    Your blog's great, btw!

  24. hihi bbzush

    thanks meghna, it's really touching what you just said! ;)

  25. Aloooo CHOUFLEUR???? Sup??

    Kuma dir tone mal digere sa chou fleur la mo truV!! hehe!!

    Newayzz!! Chill Chill!!