Saturday, 22 December 2007

The beach

Beaches, I love them! I've always thought that I love the beach so much because I'm a piscean . Might be true! Who knows! Have you ever felt the urge to just run to the beach and spend your whole life there? :P I got this urge today. It was quite uncontrollable and I went to the beach, at Pereybere with my family and we had so much fun, it was weird.

Anyway, just a short post to say I love swimming, I love beaches and I love summer! hehe!

Take care dudettes and dudes and my warm aliens!

P.S: The water was cool today! :P

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  1. I haven't gone swimming in the sea for ages!
    It's been mostly pools lately.But I like the beach too!

    When I was a kid and I just watched "The little mermaid", I thought mermaids actually existed and i was always so excited to go to the beach, thinking I might actually see one!

  2. Not really that much of a beach fan, but that might be because our beaches here are overcrowded.

    Good to see the sun was out in Mauritius. It has been freezing for days here :( I want sun and heat.

    Pereybere sounds so Dutch. Any chance it is?

  3. ropi, hope you learn it soon, it's a wonderful feeling! :D

    angele, yup i used to believe in arielle the mermaid too! :P

    manico, yup it might be Dutch, not sure though.

  4. ti poisson contan la mer! :P

  5. I love the sea too. :P

    Dunno if Pereybere is Dutch but it's one awesome beach.

  6. rhaa la plageeee!!!! Par contre je n'aime pas la plage de Pereybère, y'a trop de gens! :p

  7. jev, hehe!

    La Pingouine, c vrai ya bokou de monde dabitude! :S