Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Bliss Again

Just a short post, because I wanted to post today before midnight and because I've been complimented on my blog! Hehe.

Today I'm really happy. My little cousin has created his blog. He has not started posting yet. I'm kinda really proud. I feel like the godmother of his blog. mrgreen This has made me think that kids grow! Yeah they actually do. I remember when he was born. He was so cute. Haha and I remember when he was a kid! Oh God he was weird! I remember all the moments we spent as kids at our granny's place. You know these moments never come back. I just wish they could.

P.S: Got some lovely christmas candles today. Will edit the post with some pictures tomorrow.

Goodnight dudettes and dudes and my happy aliens.


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  1. Awww!!

    Yeah those times never come back. Do you realize that we actually knew each other at that time.. :S

    Btw his blog is great. Smells like sucess.

  2. lol! yup it smells like teen spirit too! :P

  3. lol, comik twa :P

    Error 404, page cannot be found :)

    to pas p faire to role de grand mere bien, attention!!!
    to bisin show him ki fodait pas delete so bane pages tout sa once published lol

  4. wai li p delete so bne posts! li pa p sir ki pou ecrir! :P

  5. Yea, when we were small and cute, the world was much better. No stupid exams to learn at christmas, just to give an example :(

  6. Another blogger soon to be! Encourage him in the process ^^

    To role sa apres tou nah?Hihiii.Marraine!

  7. Hi Morrin,
    Feels great that many budding young bloggers are challenging out here on the blogosphere! Good to know that your cousin is like me too. (A young budding blogger)
    Hope he does well and all the other kids on the blogosphere are going to rule soon!
    beware! :D

    Oh ok! Just kidding!
    What are kids without the help of eldres after all?

  8. manico yup exams really ruin the christmas season

    angele yup its my job now! maraine du blog! whahaha!

    Meghna, i think its great that you are showing your talent at such a young age. i would have loved to be 12 and starting it all now! :P

  9. Ban chrismas decorations la bien reussi! dat indeed smells like teen spirit! :D

  10. hello monisha! yup indeed it smells like teen spirit! :P

  11. Euhta, i was cute when i was a baby... Dat's not fair... n ya, thnx a lot 4 helping, btw, im still thinking on what 2 write...

  12. You mean you also did those candles? You are such an artist. Why not put up your accessory store..hihihi, just my thought..^^

  13. so christmasy here. i wish i could do same, stuck with exams :S
    love the decos.
    good luck with the blog little weird cousin of morinn.

  14. gro mimi, dont worry, inspiration will come someday! :D

    lord manila, not all of them are made by me! :D

    keli thanks! soon soon you'll be on hols! you gonna enjoy fi! :D

    bbzush! yup im cheering for him too! :D