Sunday, 30 December 2007

Blogging Resolutions

On MBB's forum, some days ago, Miranda started a thread on our blogging resolution. Now now! That was an interesting topic. I mean for most of us who take our blogs seriously and who constantly think about what to blog about, it is important to think about the positive changes we wish to bring to our blog for the coming year.

So what are my blogging resolutions?

- Remain unpretentious. Really, I know I am not pretentious. Though some feel otherwise! razz
- Post everyday! woooh! that's a challenge but I'll try to abide by that! hehe
- change the title of my blog (suggestions welcomed)
- talk more about movies. Really, what don't I ever talk about movies? huh...
- be more honest in my posts! Hihi, in other words, say more what's on my heart! That's gonna be fun twisted

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  1. mo bizin comment toulezour aster? pff... lol

  2. Ohhh great resolutions. :P

    Yeah you should talk about movies. Those on Teva. LOL

    Honesty is the best policy they say.. So be it.

  3. usha, et wi to bizin comment tout les zour

    ropi, yup you said it! :D

    jev, lol! non mais pa nek on teva! ena ossi bne movies tres tres serious! :P

  4. Thanks for mentioning my thread! :D I think those resolutions are nice. i wouldnt bet on the posting everyday 1 tho! :P

  5. Good Luck :P

    Mo mem mo pane capav tenir mo resolution post everyday. En theory li paraitte mari seryƩ, mais kan ena pou alle type, gagne extra paresse LOL

    Ene suggestion pou to blog title: "Something to gossip about..." :P

  6. miranda, yup i guess posting everyday will be really difficult

    slasher, gossip about?!! merde to pa premier dimoune ki trouve mo blog 1 gossip blog :Z

  7. Posting everyday is hard. Movies talk rocks!!!!

    PS: Short Story Award, enter now!