Sunday, 2 December 2007

Eliminating Poverty Locally

I have always said and still maintain that education can help solve almost every problem. For instance knowledge on pollution and on the importance of a clean environment can help solve the problem of pollution. The power of education is such that it can elevate a person socially. The fact that education is the reason behind the prosperity of many is not new to anyone. Of course intelligence plays an important role too but the prime factor remains education and most importantly, an opportunity to education.

I live in a small village called Petit Raffray where most of its inhabitants earn a living from agriculture, be it sugarcane or vegetable plantation or cattle rearing. My family is one of the rare ones to be educated and to live quite comfortably all this thanks to my parents' hard work and to our inherited property. However, not all families are that lucky and I am conscious of it. And most families have several kids in secondary schools and cannot even afford the minimum, that is books and copybooks. These parents are interested in the education of their children, but they are just helpless. Of course they do work a lot, they spend almost every minute of their waking time in the fields working the land or finding plants for their animals but still their earnings are meager.

When we came to live here six years ago and the inhabitants came to know that my sister is a teacher and is giving private tuitions, they approached her with the hope that she would give tuitions at a low price. Now I have taken up that "job". You guys know how I always talk about giving tuitions etc... I have never been tempted to mention that I give most of my students free tuitions. I'm saying this today because a post from someone has touched me and I wanted to show my involvement in eliminating poverty in my locality. I hope these go as an example to those willing to do it too:

Most of the tuitions given to students in my locality are free.

Since I got many fiction books at home, I lend them to my students so that they would not have to pay for the loan from a library and I encourage them to subscribe to public libraries since their subscription fees are very low.

I also give them papers cut from my copybooks and paper files made by myself where they can store these papers without losing them.

All photocopies are free.

I have been giving tuitions for 2 years now and every year I try to introduce something new to encourage my students in their education. Lack of materials can be a great disincentive to education and I'm happy I'm helping them overcome this.

This post was written because I'm participating in MBB's theme of the week, which is poverty.


  1. frantu to pou fer moi plorE la moo

  2. It was a good idea to talk about your personal experience and contribution to the elimination of poverty in your locality. I hope this example inspires others.

  3. Great post. You are doing a great job..

  4. Wow, that's so kool of you. I hope your students can lift themselves out of poverty. I must say that Mauritius is doing a very good job for being a small, island nation located in Africa. Keep it up!

  5. thanks people! your words mean a lot! thanks! :)

  6. You were writing about a really nice thing but unfortunately it is impossible in large scale. If we eliminate poverty on the earth the there would be more scandals and the system of our economy would collapse.

  7. how cool of you. i am proud to be one of your friends!!!! its true, you've never said they were for free. i'm totally amazed la.
    keep it up. you're awesome.

  8. ropi, aint that a lil pessimistic of you?

    keli, thanks thanks! o fait mo ti gagne honter pou dir! ek c difficil pou met sa dan 1 conversation! ;D

  9. jadmir ton travay morinn.keep it up.

  10. i think, you have been a blessing to the people especially the children in your place, it's so nice to know that there are privileged people like you who have a heart of gold and are concerned not only about their own future but the future of the most, good job morinn, i wish you all the best, good health, peace, happiness...^^

  11. Thanks a lot lordmanila. :P sometimes it feels good to do something for others! hehe! :P happiness and education is meant to be shared

  12. wat if the parents r havin fun wiv the money that they cud hav spent on tuitions?

  13. Hi Morinn -- It was great reading blog. You are an amazing person. I ty agree that education can save everyone. God bless you for your free tutions. My dream is to also start an organization to eliminate world poverty.
    Good luck.

  14. superguy, well i think it is quite impossible for them to have fun with the money they could have spent simply because i think they use it to pay bills or buy food. it's not a saving for them.

    funepe, thanks, i'll be glad to read on your project. do you have a blog? please leave the address. ;)

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  16. hi mo
    thnks for ur comments
    ur blog's too long
    am sorry wont be able to read it today coz am running late but ill catch up on all later
    actually ive got my exaws in a week
    good luck for urs ciao biz

  17. hiya adi, that's no prob! :P take care n best of luck for the exams

  18. :p
    if you give the hungry man a fish today, he will come the next day to ask you another fish.

    If you teach the hungry man how to fish, he will know how to help himself.

    Well done morinn

    Though.. :p vue ki mo pa tro content the MBB.. mo pa pou felicite zot par sa initiative obviously.. the style seems to have been copied :p from blogaction :p\\


  19. thanks! :P though it wasnt totally an initiative of mbb. it was suggested by some other guy

  20. Wow... Congrats for the great work Morinn!

    We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.

    Fran tou... I'm impressed!