Monday, 31 December 2007

How I got sick

It's 1.37 AM and I'm still awake. This is really weird. I mean really really weird cause I'm supposed to have nothing to do and still I can't find sleep. OK, the real thing is, yesterday I slept for 22 hours! Yes it was 22 hours out of 24! It was so damn good. Now I know why some people are addicted to drugs(medicine, legal). LOL! (That was just in case my mum is reading my blog. Oh! and hello family!). I forgot to add, I was sick, yup once again! It all started with a very sore throat, I blame the peanut ice-cream for that. Then my nose went out of control and then the fever came. The most unwelcomed fever in summer you might think?! But no! It made me feel damn cold!

So after sleeping for 22 hours at a go, here I am, at 1.46 AM still unable to find some sleep, hearing voices of some unknown children calling me "mom!" from the forest. Yeah I know they do not exist! But really, it's freaky!

So long dudettes and dudes and my spooky aliens!

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P.S: I chose the title after writing this entry, but come to think of it, who really cares how I got sick or not?! I'm fine now!


  1. Ohh who's calling?? lol Young lady you should go sleep. I too cant find sleep to be honest. There was way too much coffee in my Tiramisu. :S Love you. Jev..

  2. lol! yup but I bet the tiramisu was great huh? :P hehe jev! nu awake en mem temps ke c chou! :P je tm me too

  3. Moi si sa ler la, m pa ti p drmi :P Blame the little kids :| (my cousins)

  4. aargh, c pa bien sa, to lose sleep! :(

  5. Sick during summer, bummer.
    Sick the last day of the year, that's now what I wanted to hear.
    I don't know why I'm rhyming,
    but I'll stop with the whining.

    Have a good last day of the year everyone in Mauritius.