Friday, 14 December 2007

Orange cookies

They are not really orange in color but they sure have got the flavor. They are orange cookies! I've made some today cause I wanted to test this recipe before Christmas. It turned out really tasty! So I thought why not share the recipe with you guys. Note: This is a non-egg recipe.

So the ingredients are:
150g of flour
1 pinch of salt
75 of caster sugar
25g of soft brown sugar
75g of margarine
2 tablespoon of liquid milk
1/2 teaspoon of orange essence
100g of lemon/orange peels cooked in sugar

So firstly I've creamed the butter in a salad bowl using a spoon
then I've added the 2 sugars and mixed till the mixture is light and fluffy
the I've added the milk to the mixture while still mixing the content of the bowl
the the orange essence has been added
and then I've folded in the flour and fruit peels
Then it was the turn of the oven to do his job :D After cooking for 20 minutes at a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius the cookies are ready!

It would be ideal to leave them in an open space and let them cool down before serving.

So long dudettes and dudes and my cooked aliens! :D hihi

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  1. Not really orange, but they seems tasty. Bon appetit!

  2. Cookies!!! ^^

    I *heart* cookies so much. I think I can be called a cookie monster.Mwahahaaa!!! =D

    I usually bake chocolate chips cookies.The classic.But I'd like to give your recipe a try.The cookies look gud!

  3. Yeah I'm gonna be testing those real soon. :P And I am not the only one right?? Hehee.

  4. manico, yup they've got a nice orange flavour

    angele, hehe! i love chocolate chips ones! they are my fave! :P

    jev, yup ur not the only one! :D

  5. I love oranges. Your cookies look good. Gimme one. Hmm, I want all.

  6. Note: This is a non-egg recipe.

    woot! woot!!! :)
    i must try then! coz most of the recipes i comes across have eggs in them...

  7. neelesh, hehe, i'll be distributing cookies for christmas! :D

    Waz, yup i always get the same prob. that's why i try to adapt the recipe without eggs! :P

  8. woaaah mo le cookieeeeeeess

  9. No wonder you dream of cookies! :D


    Give me a cookie, pleeze, it cheem sho yummy...slurp slurp

  11. jemima yup i dream of cookies! :D

    arvind hihi yup pretty soon! :D i'll be bringing cookies at nani's place! :P

  12. You can add orange juice as well. Vine extra bon XD

  13. thats a great idea bbzush! i'll try it! :D

  14. nice cookies, I am preparing for a competition about the Ancient Rome and I have to learn a few recipes.

  15. cool! hope you learn some good ones! :D

  16. hihi.. nice recipe .. should try this one someday ..

    interesting points in that recipe : milk - aide l'appereil a devenir plus souple, et ainsi plus malleable dans le sens que l'on peut pocher plus facilement [ poche + douille ]

    hihi ..

    well, my chocolate cookies recipe [ or rather, schools :s ] :

    700g beurre
    300g icing
    4 oeufs
    900g farine
    100g cacao

    procedures differ a bit for there are eggs :s

    + the number of cookies produced .. euhhhh .. about ..150 :s

    will blog this as soon as I can ..

    hpe u don't mind me commenting, euhhh, jst someone in who calls himself lost wandererer and who's been visiting ur blog since really long time :s

  17. I never mind comments! :D my recipe produced about 35 quite mini cookies! :D

    oui j'ai utilise une poche avec douille pour faire les formes arrondies. g pas eu de problèmes. l'appareil était assez malléable comme tu l'as dit! :D

  18. mium looks delicious. kan to pou vine distribuer imper parti kot moi la?!!! i will try your recipe during the hols, thx.

  19. Am sure they are as bit delicious as they look Morinn! Merry Xmas!

  20. Oh my god, the return of the cookie monster 2, u've not yet seen this movie?
    Haha, the main actor is Mr Arvind and the one who created the cokie monster is Mme

  21. I was searching for this kind of cookie recipe and I want to thank you for posting this.