Monday, 17 December 2007

A review of my choice.

This week's theme at MBB is a Review of Your Choice. I hate to say it, cause I've said it so often, but I'm really out of inspiration. At first, I thought I'd review a blog and then I'm afraid that the blog author would not like my review and it would look ridiculous!

Finally I'm reviewing a blog and it is a blog I know very well and for once I know the author would not get mad on reading my review just because the author is me!

So, the blog is called Godspeed. I don't know why I gave it this title. Probably because of Anberlin's album or the clothing brand. Anyway, I started it somewhere in the beginning of this year. It was meant to be a serious blog. No "hihis" and "dudettes and dudes" but I can't help it, can I? So I've finally gave up on this blog while keeping it on life-support just in case I might want to write serious stuff. The thing is, I don't see my content as being really convincing. My serious opinions are meant to be voiced out loud and not written; that's what I've learnt from Godspeed.

However, I love the template, it's simple, minimalist! Yes! I love simple and minimalist templates. Does not reflect on this one, huh?

Anyway dudettes and dudes and serious aliens, that was my little review of Godspeed.

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  1. Talking about serious things doesn't mean you can't add some 'hahas' or 'hihis'. :-) Just saying what you feel like is better :-P

  2. lol! I guess you're right! I just have to voice out my convictions and add a pinch of humour if I feel like it! :D

  3. Nice review of your blog! Yes you don't have to worry about pleasing the author!

  4. eh mo koner sa blog la, mo mem ena ene linnk lor mo blog pou li specialeman ki apel mo's serious blog. mo ti p pens pou sanz li pou met mo's dead but still serious blog, mai voila ke soudaineman mo retrouve moi la. ayo ki gogot.
    zoli review, to bizin demann mbb ene ti plass dan zot team!

  5. thanks mbb! :D

    keli wiii mone envi fr application! :P hihi! muaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hmmm yeps that was one kickass serious still kickass blog. You should post on there one of these days. I'd be glad to participate in the discussions.

  7. A review of your own blog, how funny! It indeed looks minimalistic, even in posts :d

  8. ROFL

    Ene auto-review, bien original & neutral hein :P

  9. thanks jev! :D

    ropi, no, its not a new blog! :D

    manico, yeah i don't really post there now! :D

    slasher! pa kav ress tro neutral kan mem! mo prop blog sa! :P

  10. Good way of getting the other blog known about!

    Godspeed is an unsual choice for a serious blog though... an old use for that term would be as in wishing a person luck and good fortune for his/her future enterprises!

    well... in a way... it is good!

    So Godspeed Morinn, to you and to your Blogs!

  11. yup i was wishing me luck for this blog! seriously! :P

  12. mo conten to blog layout laba! mari nissa