Saturday, 8 December 2007

wreath-making is breath-taking.

Yep! I came up with the silly title myself. Something has been going on. Today's my parents wedding anniversary and I went to buy some stuff at Goodlands cause I'm planning a meal and a nice dessert tonight.

But before that, during the week-end, I've been making some wreaths to be used as table centerpieces. They're very easy to make, all you need are some dried weeds, tapes, scissors and the leaves of your choice. I've made one with light-colored leaves and my favourite is the Christmas wreath which requires dark-colored leaves and red flowers and ribbons. I've used leaves from our local "christmas tree" to make the christmas wreath.

It's important to secure the dried weeds together by using the large tape, so that they do not mess your whole working place. Then give the "weed tube" a round shape. This will be the base of your wreath. Then stick the leaves to the wreath by respecting a pattern and make sure that your glue or tape is not visible on the wreath.

Then, when the wreath is ready, decorate at will! :D

Wreaths can be used as table centerpieces as well as decorations on the door or on balconies. Candles looks good in the middle of wreaths too. :D

Here's a picture showing the different steps, if ever you're interested.

So long people and my festive aliens.

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  1. This is breathtaking... :|:|

    I'm in love with those wreaths. I want one for Christmas. :P

    Plz plz can i have one??

  2. i love the pale has a tropical look

  3. i love it too! :P especially with the pink bougainvilleas!

  4. nice, original wreaths

  5. its really beautiful morin :P
    tro top :P
    its gd to c ppl ki trafik comme moi coz my mum always telling me am such a kid can mo p fer ban ti invention moi :P

  6. also tu ma done une idee pou travaile ek mes psi zelev dart n craft mishi morin :P

  7. lol! the pleasure is mine! :P it's great to see other craft fans! :P

  8. C joli!!!! M adore premier pic la!

  9. thanks! :P premier la ine bien reussi kav akoz sa! :P

  10. whaoooo kom dhab whao.
    mo kontan xmas wreath la moi. veri convenient!
    mone fek koner apel sa ene wreath la.
    keep crafting crafty morinn! muaxx

  11. hihi, wai moi si mo pa ti coner apel sa wreath avan! :P

    ropi, thanks :D though its more of a candle holder

    yashvin, thanks! ;)

  12. these are just lovely, it reminds me of my hometown where those leaves you have on the pics are endemic in the place, this again proves your creativity^^

  13. Wow, your good at this. I can see you on Mauritian TV already, presenting a gardening show :D Lol :P

  14. lol! that would be great! i'd love to host a show! :P