Thursday, 24 January 2008

Alien flowers

It's an alien plant for now and it's going to be an alien flower tomorrow. It's more freaky in real than what it looks on the picture. The plant has got a reptile-like appearance and the flower buds look like they could be stars of a sci-fi movie. Sorry I've got no latin name for this plant, actually I've got no name at all for this plant. But I'm searching people! :D

The plant takes about four to six months to reach maturity and then it starts blossoming. Its flower is white and the latter lasts for a day only. It is extremely fragile, as opposed to the plant itself which has tough leaves.

I believe this plant is related to the cactus family because of its resistance and preference to the sun and dry land and because of its way of flowering (the flower stems out directly from the leaves.).

Anyway, enjoy the crappy pictures dudettes and dudes and my gardening aliens.

Update: Some minutes after I wrote this post I realised that I was stupid. So here go, some further information. The flower is called Queen of the Night or Belle de nuit. Sounds familiar Keli? Yup it does! hihi! Here are some photos that Keli took from her plant last year. I've nicked them from this post:

Lovely aren't they? And so much more pro! :D

And now for the latin or like I like to say international name, it's the Epiphyllum Oxypetalum. A cactus, I was right on this one! :D

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  1. wow bane fotos de keli la extra bonne!

  2. hehe! wai c vrai, zot mega bone! :D

  3. wi mwasi mo dakor ban foto mega bone!
    to p cite moi tou aster, mai kel honneur!

  4. Wow, it looks lovely when it blossoms. Too bad it's only for a day.

    Les fotos de Keli son extremement superb :D

  5. keli, wai to 1 reference en matiere de belle de nuit! enplis to bne photo bukou pli pro :P

    manico, yup it's really sad, beautiful things do not last long! :(
    And yup those superb photos, for once i could illustrate something without stealing a picture from google or an unknown blog! :P

  6. A pity really that it lasts for only one day. *sigh*

  7. nussaibah, yup really! :(

    theysaywordscanbleed, nice pictures there! :)

  8. morinn was right. :P to ene experte en la matiere o fai. :P you had that hidden from me. lol

  9. lovely and freaky flowers as well. i would love to see one opening before me

  10. I think my parents might have had one of these once. They threw a party the night it bloomed! :)

  11. diya, yup but it opens pretty quickly :P

    La pingouine, wai fler la super zoli, zis plante la ki mega effrayant! :S

    Marlee, hehe, nice idea to know a party with that plant around, it might entertain the guests! :D

  12. Hi! Thanks for the infomartion here. ;) I was just looking 4 that. i did not know i had a cactus