Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Birthdays coming up

Today is my dad's birthday and on the 6th, it's my mum's. Yeah they are both of the same astrological sign and I guess that's what makes them the way they are.

Anyway, we went to my grandma's place at Mahebourg and then back home in the afternoon to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was just the four of us, celebrating. There was cake, tea and sodas. A simple little party! It was fun. We reminisced the moment spent at Mahebourg earlier in the day and promised that next time we'll spend more time there! Hehe!

Next I wish to share something with you: this year our flamboyant tree has at last been in bloom! Yup those lovely red flowers! We get the pleasure of seeing them only during this period of time in Mauritius. The flowers from my tree is four to eight times the size of a regular flamboyant flower since it's a "modified" tree. :D The flowers look more like orchids and they're ideal for flower arrangements. So I made a quick bouquet for my dad. With only eight flowers I got quite a lovely bouquet. My dad was happy about it, he asked me to add those yellow flowers to the arrangement to add that Mauritian touch to it. :D

Hehe! On the whole it was a great day dudettes and dudes and my festive aliens, but I think I need some rest.

So long people, I mean, a demain! :D

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  1. It looks lovely, the bouquet. Those red flowers are gorgeous.

  2. xtra zoli sa mane flamboyant la par contre zamais mone reussi prend ene ti foto trop paresse pu faire ene move ^^ en tout cas bien zoli bouquet :) happy birthday to you parents!hihi moi aussi mone née en janvier :p a bientot morinn.

  3. I love that bouquet. :P

    Who baked the cake?

    And what's up with the bad driver stuff?

  4. lovely flowers moo! meme to flamboyant sorti original toi la! salope

  5. La Pingouine, hehe, ti pou seryer si to ti pren photo la! :P

    Jev, lol, c moi kine bake the cake. bad driver stuff la mone gagne sa parla lor net :P

    usha, et wi je suis lincanation de loriginaliter mem :P

  6. L'incantation ou l'incarnation ?? lol
    nice bouquets you made there :) and try to drive responsibly :P

  7. L'incarnation sa! :D A little slip of the fingers! :P

  8. It's amazing how you have managed to shape flamboyant flowers into a bouquet. This is usually complicated. Did you use wires or tapes?