Sunday, 6 January 2008

Blame it on the PMS

PMS really exists. I'm saying it to all those skeptics who think it's just an excuse for us women to behave madly. Hell! No it's not an excuse. The proof of this is my previous post. Today when I woke up with all the pain and all and I looked at my blog, I was like "OMG why did I write this?!" And guess the answer is, I was PMSing yesterday. Yeah I really was. I had all the symptoms.

So what does PMS stand for to some?

Psychotic Mood Shift
Pass My Shotgun
Perpetual Munching Spree
Puffy Mid-Section
People Make Me Sick
Provide Me with Sweets
Pardon My Sobbing
Pimples May Surface
Pass My Sweatpants
Pissy Mood Syndrome
Plainly Men Suck
Pack My Stuff
Permanent Menstrual Syndrome

And how do you know if you have PMS?

1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem.
2. Your husband/boyfriend is suddenly agreeing to everything that you say.
3. All your Ibuprofen, Diclofenac and Paracetamol pills are gone... And you just bought them yesterday.
4. Everyone's head looks like an invitation to practise batting.
5. You start remembering old enemies and suddenly the idea of revenge becomes really appealing.

Photos and quotes taken from here: Link.

I think I need some rest dudettes and dudes and my pmsing aliens. So long!

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  1. Yeps PMS does exist, unfortunately (but I didn't say this). You were awesome yesterday. You didnt throw your anger on me. :$ Thanks honey. I love you.. And you're the best. :P

  2. Yup I threw it on something else! hehe! :P

  3. babz we all suffer from pms. think thats what makes us women powerful :P

  4. lol, you think that makes us powerful? i always thought the contrary.

  5. PMS... Sounds like a good polical party name! ;)

  6. Hehe! I bet it'll be a women empowerment party!

  7. lol ropi, i hope you're just trying to be funny! :P

  8. bbzush, o moin kikene ki compren moi! :D

    Slasher, non mai... :/

  9. PMS is a hormonal terrorist which regularly or irregularly attacks women and affects almost everyone around them. Nice Post!

  10. weinnnkkkk ! i come in when its over! XD

    useless post! i know :/