Saturday, 12 January 2008

The crosswords galore

Are you a fan of crosswords? No? I am! Crosswords are fascinating and one can get easily engrossed in that. Approximately 99% of newspapers in the world publish crossword grids for their readers to solve. Now now, I have compiled a list of crossword facts which might be interesting to know.

The first crossword puzzle ever, appeared in the December 21st 1913 edition of the New York World. It was created by Arthur Wynne whose first attempt, using a diamond shaped grid, was an instant success, and a crossword became soon a regular feature of the New York World and other papers.

The first crossword to be published in Britain was also an Arthur Wynne puzzle and it appeared in the Sunday Express in 1924 and was by then in the more common square format.

Prize puzzles-also known as pruzzles- became popular in the 1920s. This was a huge source of revenue for newspapers. Profits often lined the pockets of racketeers, but in some cases they went to charity funds, like aiding the blind.

George McElveen , a Baptist pastor of Pittsburgh, was the first of many preachers to use the crossword puzzle to attract bigger congregations. He announced that a large blackboard would be placed in front of his pulpit. On it was an original puzzle and the audience was required to solve it before he would begin his sermon. The solution to the puzzle contained the text for his sermon.

In 1926, a waiter in a coffee house in Budapest, Hungary committed suicide and left a suicide note in the form of a crossword. The police had to seek the help of the public in deciphering it.

In 1944, MI5, the security service, interrogated the chief crossword compiler for the Daily Telegraph when 5 of their D-Day code names appeared as crossword solutions within the space of a month.

Crosswords were forbidden in Paris at one point during the World War II, in case they would be used by fifth columnists.

Crosswords have been in our lives for almost two centuries and sometimes we don't realise the long way they have gone through to become as they are known today.

For fans of software design patterns here is a puzzle that might please you. It's basically meant to test your knowledge on the subject! :D

For now it's a farewell from me. Take care dudettes and dudes and my puzzled aliens. Long live crosswords!

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  1. Sudokus are the new rage, Morinn. Crossword puzzles was so last century.

  2. Yup I know, but words are more alive than numbers. I get bored easily with sudokus!

  3. Yea words are kooler than numbers. I tend to get frustrate from crossword puzzles and sudokus because I never succeed in finishing them coz they are always too hard.
    Just give me a Simpsons episode, or a Fresh Prince episode to watch and I'm entertained more than enough.

  4. Sudoku may be popular now but x-words form part of the entertainment. There is a chemistry between both words and numbers. Moreover, we do have to think to get things right.

    @ Manictastic -> remember B5, Season 4, the ep before the finale. President Clark did write "scorched Earth" in the form of a crossword before launching the missiles towards Earth.

    Even movies make the subtle use of x-words.

    Now, I'm off to procrastinate instead of working - *looking for a flash based x-words game* LOL

    Enjoy your evening :)

  5. manico, hehe, yup sometimes sitcoms fill the gap all too well.

    fadil, yup crosswords require a good brain work! :D

  6. Woow didnt know all this. I like crosswords. You get bizare ideas for posts. :P:P Love you.. Jev

  7. jev, yup but i love my bizarre posts! :D

    miranda, thanks. :)

    ropi, i did not know there are that kind of crosswords! that's nice! :D

  8. Never have much patient on crossword puzzles. Guess I'm too lazy for that:)

  9. Crosswords... well... I'm not really fan of them, but I do try them out if I have nothing to do :P Me and words, not really the perfect combination :p

  10. fruity, yup to everyone his/her own hobbies. :D

    Nussaibah, I think you do great with words! :D

  11. i love doing x words too!but always with a dictionary by my side

  12. des fois mo mem servi google pou gagne bne reponse la! :P