Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cyclones do come...

My life has turned upside down ever since the day blogger started hating me. And now I'm totally pissed and in the fuck you mood and I don't want anyone to ever ask me what happened. I'm thinking of temporarily moving to another host so that I could have an interesting life all over again but I've got a feeling that would not help solve the situation.

Ahh, but only time will tell dudettes and dudes and my confused aliens.

Anyway, a cyclone is brewing overhead and its name is Gula. I don't know why they named it Gula. It might be some sort of gluttonous (I don't even know if the word exists) cyclone and it's taking its sweet time to manifest itself like any other summer cyclone with some self-esteem. Yeah I know nothing I'm saying is making sense.

Anyway I'm not against the prospect of a cyclone. In fact, I'm all for it. For once I'm prepared. You wanna know why?

Yeah, that used to be a large burgundy rubber plant (ficus elastica decora 'Burgundy'). It now means V for victory! Hihi!

As I sit and write this, I'm longing for a huge plate of macaronis! It's such a gratifying feeling when you can actually sit down and fantasize on food you've cooked.

Argh... I guess I gotta stop here dudettes and dudes and my hungry aliens.

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  1. Explain to me in details what happened! muahaha!! just kidding. take care morinn.

  2. did you cut this tree all by yourself? :D

  3. usha, hmmm, boo.

    avesh, i wish i could explain! hihi

    nash-1, nope, we sought the help of someone to cut down the tree. as you see, it was a rather clean job ;)

  4. OH, a cyclone. I've always wanted to know how it feels like to have a cyclone come over. But I hope your beautiful plants (certainly the ones who have to grow for years) survive the mayhem.

    Blogger can suck at times, you have to outsmart the platform :)

  5. hehe! yup i've devised a way to outsmart it! I've changed my web browser! hihi.. I'm stupid, I know! :P

  6. Ho ho ho morinn is back. With better posts and a large plate of macaroni.

    You hooo. Glad you could deal with teh problem, Miss. Take care morinn, take care macaronis.

  7. hehe! yeah macaronis are awesome jev! I bet you want some too! :D

  8. tu te la pete encore avek to ban nom scientifik plante!!! haha we all know google is for something.
    gula is quite a funny name imho. certainly better than gamede. i suddenly want to say guli gula.
    eh poor tree. i would have cried moi. ene si gro pied :( ek la c un V kom va te faire voir cyclone!
    croize ler doi ki sa kou la couran pa couper.

  9. ^^ pov tree change cot moi pena coum sa pa gagne letemp chagrin hehe... anyway blogger always sucks^^ and other platforms too...bon courage et esperons ki cyclone la pa trop fort( pa p gagne compren sa mane blabla meteo la ^^)

  10. ropi, 120km/h is quite strong! :D

    keli, et wi je me la pete grave avk sa bne nom scientifik la! hihi!

  11. Jess, chai pa a propos cyclone la. mai kot moi letemps enkor normal normal la! hihi! soidisan class 2! Bon courage a toi si et esperons t'as pas boulot demain!

  12. Poor tree!

    Good luck with the cyclone!

  13. I think that cyclone cursed everyone to have a bad mood :|

  14. Marlee thanks :D

    Nussaibah, yup indeed, frikin cyclone! :(

  15. Yes I want macaronis. :(

    We're having home made pizzas tonight. What about that?? hehee

  16. miaaam! i want home made pizzasss... with tonnes of mozzarella! :P

  17. LOL to rubber plant in vine ene Flying V

    Pena pli bon ki mange briani & roti dan ene cyclone :P