Saturday, 5 January 2008

Deanne the Arsonist - Atreyu

Dudettes and dudes, it's time to talk about my crush of the month and it's Deanne the Arsonist by Atreyu. I've fallen in love with this song the first time that I've listened to it. I don't even know how it has landed on my media player but I get a feeling that once again it's got something to do with Jev.

So, I was listening to the song, without understanding a damn thing about it, until... I read the lyrics! Yeah I know! Bless those lyrics!

So, here they are:


Coward, the next time you want to fuck me over stab me in the throat
(Can I still see my future in your eyes)
Or can I picture myself stone dead in your embrace
And your cruel crimson smile kills me quietly
No one could have their moments free from your withering touch...
Fuck off like you're the only one (who has ever cried or been broken by love)
Spare me your pity party drunk off your own misfortunes
Wallowing in your blissful melancholy
Can you taste my blood?
You knew that this would kill me but you carried on and on with your selfish shit.
Everyone cared about you why couldn't you
Instead your greed compelled you to steal other silver linings...
Burnt down my world, you killed my hope
Spread out the ash and walked away
How could you just close off your eyes...
Turn tail and run, you are the greatest coward
come on
Damn right I'm still pissed...
Next time I see your face we'll see who has the upper hand
Kiss my fist. Taste the floor. Tired of your games... fuck off goodbye...

And something from Youtube, if ever you wish to listen to the song:

Now, I love this song because it makes me smile, really, you know the bit

Coward, the next time you want to fuck me over stab me in the throat
It reminds me of a girl. Oh, a very stupid girl for that matter! A girl who has been stupid enough to bug me! Now everything's under control, but I often think about her. Especially when I hear songs about cowards and bitches? Oops, no one mentioned bitch in the song, but hell, I hear bitch every time! Might be my ears.

Anyway, this goes as a tribute to you bitch! And now you must be wondering whether she will read this? Hmm, I'm wondering the same thing. I've mailed her my post URL the last time I've pointed about how stupid she is. That was almost a year ago. I think she has become a regular reader since then! :D

So long dudettes and dudes and my shocked aliens.

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  1. Bitch bitch bitch.. I too hear these words all the time. LOL

    And yes it was me behind the media player story. :u hehee

  2. hehe! I knew there was the B word in this song somewhere! :P

  3. dat old bitch? wahaha! dont think about her anymore mooo. shes history