Friday, 18 January 2008

Oh Yes!

So I got these awards from Ropi and quoting him

This award is handed to people whom I really respect and like.

Hihi, that's cool! Then comes another award from Ropi again.

Well, thanks a lot for these Ropi! :D I'm really happy!

I wish to pass these on to all the dudettes and dudes on my blogroll but most specially to

BbZush for being able to update her blog everyday with great posts! I wonder how she manages that! :D
Keli, for her new journal which is so lovely and simply true to herself!
Jev cause you need to move your eerrmm and post more often!

Hehe! So long dudettes and dudes and enjoy these awards! :D

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  1. Heyyyy thanks for the award, honey.. Yeah I'll move my errm someday.. You'll see. LOL

  2. yeah i just hope that someday is soon! ^o)

  3. nice blog. i love your photos. keep it up

  4. yuhu. thank you movino.
    lol lontan pa apel toi kumha.
    ofai kifer nou ti kumans apel toi kumha, ein?
    i got something for you too, but its not an award.
    we have to meet someday so i can give it to you.

  5. diya thanks!

    keli, kan uni rentrer lindi :( lerla nu pou kav mit! wooh! :D

  6. Merciiiiiiiiii! Not really hard to do that. Just sit in front of the pc, with word open and well, try wracking your brain with what to write :P

  7. lol! 1 lepok mo ti p kav fr sa! now non :(