Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Rainy day and Jack the ripper

Yesterday was a long rainy day and I've started reading the book, Portrait of a killer by Patricia Cornwell. The book is mainly about unraveling the mystery of Jack the ripper and the author believes that Walter Sickert, the English painter, might have been the ripper.

In the 19th century, in the year 1888, from August to November, 5 women (also known as the canonical five) were brutally murdered in the White Chapel area in London. The killer was never found by the police and the killer came to be known as Jack the Ripper from the signature on the letters that the alleged murderer used to send to the police, basically to mock their failure at finding out who he is.

Anyway, here are pictures of the ripper's victims, as you can see they died in atrocious conditions, most of them having their organs and genitals ripped out and disfigured by their killer.

Jack the Ripper gave me horrible nightmares those past nights. I'm never afraid of him or of murder or of horrible corpses when I'm awake but in my dreams they become different; seeing a person smash another one's head with a hammer is somewhat trauma-inducing. Hehe...

Anyway, if you did not know about the ripper, wikipedia can enlighten your soul.

Take care dudettes and dudes and my frightened aliens. I've got loads of good sleep to catch up. So long!

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  1. Great post. That guy was real and his name was jack and he killed. Duh. I still dont get the sudden interest in the ripper, honey.. :S

  2. that's cause the ripper is fascinating! :D

  3. was waiting for u to fix your "mega prob zimaz lor sa cuyonad blogger la" but i have to go. alor so nice of you to remind me there are tonnes of psychopaths in the uk and you know you're tough! to bne reves la faire per, take care moo. dodo bien

  4. hehe usha! et b wi ena plin psychopath partou osi!

  5. People who get nightmares easily should not read such books. You brought it on yourself :P

    Anyways, I just want to add, I'm innocent :P

  6. hehe! you might be the ripper for all we know! hmmm

  7. If you've some free time, do watch the webepisodes of Sanctuary. It's scifi and it features Jack The Ripper.
    Amanda Tapping stars in it.

    I believe that there are other ways to kill. Slashing bodies and flying planes to hit buildings may be appealing to some but those are not effective and cheap methods. One can buy 50 aerosol based insect spray and set them to explode in a ventilation shaft. It's cheap and efficient.

    I'm being gory. I guess NSA will track down this post. I'm NO terrorist but I do watch TV series which are more realistic when it comes to homicide.

    You've got to admire the way Russian secret service had poisoned Litvinenko with Polonium 210.

    Thanks - I'm glad you noticed that I'm an alien, sort-of. I've been trapped since the dawn of time between 2 planes of existence and can't ascend or take human form without having to sap energy from subspace out of micro-rifts. *yay* There is no alien discrimination here.

  8. Psychopaths are always good... hobbies :P

  9. Thanks for the link Fadil, I'll look it up! :D And aliens are always welcomed here! hihi, they've got their well-deserved place.

    Nussaibah, yup definitely! great hobbies for some. There are even ripperologists! :O

  10. it sounds brutal indeed. it reminds me to sherlock holmes stories.

  11. those pictures are scary!.. I watched this movie recently- memories of a murder about that was in all probability inspired by jack the ripper that was just as chilling.. nice blog..:)

  12. Psychopaths have a different way of seeing things & we must respect their opinions LOL

  13. Ropi, yup the only difference is that the ripper was not fiction as compared to Holmes cases. :D

    filarial, thanks! i'm gonna look for the movie.

    slasher, hehe, pa bizin disturb zot si.. hihi!

  14. Very good one ! appreciated reading this one ! very doccumented ;)

  15. If the case of Jack the Ripper were solved during the Ripper's lifetime, I doubt it would hold such intrigue and allure. Let's face it, we love unsolved mysteries.

  16. Heyy Morinn.. Thanx for the sources.. To think of it, Jak has bcome quite a celebrity over with time..(Guess his ghost muj b sooo wishin that he were alive today).. Prolly if he were here at india, ppl might hav made a political leader out of him(yupp, 30% of our politicos hold serious criminal charges against dem).. Neyz, the reason Jack is so popular isnt bcoz his means were gory(i mean they were, but not that they were on the pinnacle of gore).. But its rather bcoz the Royal family of U.K. got involved which added a lot of publicity to the case.. And the next thing was, bcoz of stakes involved, everbody wanted to become a "JACK THE RIPPER".. Till date there are no conclusive evidence as to wether jak da ripper was one and the same.. :) So much for the rippermania.. Hope i din manage to scare u off :p..
    Happy blogging n sweet dreams:)..

  17. No, I'm not so easily scared recently! :D I've overcome the ripper fear! :p