Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

metal by morinn

I had a well-documented post planned but then I decided that it does not suit me. Since this blog is about me, I gotta give my opinion on sex, drugs and rock n roll. So here goes...

But before I proceed, note to MBB members: it is not because I'm the last one to post that the post is a masterpiece mrgreen. That said, I can now proceed without fearing the deception that I might cause with this post.

So what's sex, drugs and rock n roll for me? For me, it's a cliche, the kind of stuff that some people think is cool but which is not, it's the kind of stuff which has given rock a bad name. I'm referring mostly to the Mauritian context. The first metal concert I've been to was a fiasco, I'm not talking about the musical part. People were drunk, an adolescent was drugged and raped and I fled home with Keli, wondering what the hell happened and most importantly, why? I had been there in the first place because I wanted to see and most importantly hear what those Mauritian metal bands could do. I did not go there to watch people getting laid in what was without any doubt a public place. I did not go there to have drugs. I went there for the music and I can't ever understand why people mix those three together.

There's a place and time and state of mind for everything. A concert is the place to enjoy the music. If you love the music, you don't need to be on dope to enjoy it. If you love the music you would not want to get laid while listening to it.

For me sex, drugs and rock n roll don't go together. As Anteblog said, even pop stars are drug addicts. And I guess for me rock is a high enough to enjoy it on its own without the help of stimulants. mrgreen

So long dudettes and dudes and my rolling aliens. So much for my theme of the week participation.

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  1. Comme je te comprends :| That's the reason I'm not allowed to go out to concert and all.

  2. luckily, situation dan bne concert ine imper improve aster!

  3. I agree. It also seems to me that people that do rock music and that do drugs get even more media attention. :S

    You said "If you love the music you would not want to get laid while listening to it.". I dont think that is very true. LOL

    And yeah rock deserves better.

  4. lol jev! even if you dont think that is true, you must be politically correct! :u

  5. Yea, drugs are everywhere. Sex as well. And rock music too. This world is crazy.

  6. LOL
    Mauritians always understand the contrary, I would have love to look how this concert was :P

    Actually those kinds of stuff happen in all big rock concerts. There was a photo once in Times Magazine where you could see a wall made from used condoms that were collected after a rock concert. And the job of scrap collector after concerts is considered to be one of the hardest job ever.

    Yeah you're right, its difficult to appreciate the music when you're drunk.

    Actually I play the guitar better when I'm slightly drunk :P I still haven't found a logical reason why :S

  7. yep. it's the 21st century, and no longer a time for hibbies to rule the day.
    still, there are some dumbasses who ridicule the "rock 'n' roll" and associate it with sex and drugs.
    but when mixed together, the true meaning of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, is for one to live fast, to have fun and to rock (as in rule.)

  8. yeah you told me about that concert! riverview. whahaha!

  9. slasher, hehe, wai concert la ti assez informatif :P to ti bizin vini! hihi... hmm, a wall made of condoms, eeewww... hihi, playing better while slightly drunk, li kav possib sa!

    shah, yup living fast and having fun is great! :D

    usha, hehe, to rapel tou! :D

  10. ahem ahem mwasi mo konne ene dimune ki pas bien placer pou dir sa..."If you love the music you would not want to get laid while listening to it."
    mais bon...
    il fut un temps!
    sex, drugs and rock and roll fer moi rapel ban rolling stones soi david bowie, ek ban groupies tousa.
    mais bon mo sipozer ki sa forme parti lavie ene zene. guet david bowie pane mal tourner pour otan!
    anyway rape and drugs pas ziss happen dan concert rock.