Monday, 21 January 2008

Summer Blossoms

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  1. That's so kool. Gaving blossoms and stuff. Which it would stop being winter here, so we could have blossoms too.

  2. yup winter is crap! no garden loves winter, thats for sure!

  3. These flowers look soo good. I think the soil is great at your place.. Or maybe they are on dope.. Hmmm

  4. Yeah is summer now.. all kind of flowers are the most beautiful now..

  5. I miss flowers...we're all covered in snow and ice *sigh*... :(

  6. Ah blossoming flowers. These are beautiful.
    I haven't befriended wasps and bees yet though :(

  7. Beaaaaaaaaaaaautifullllllllll!!!! My flowers only bloom once a year, around september and I don't even know what it's called. :-(

  8. usha, i know :(

    jev, yup they're on dope, hushh

    cheerfulday, cheers! :D

    marlee, summer would come around soon :) it always does!

    Shah, I haven't befriended them too. I avoid them in fact! :D

    nussaibah, might be a winter plant. seasonal plants are lovely selmen! :D

  9. Hi Morrin,
    Lovely! Looks like flowers are blossoming in your lives too :D

  10. tarrr to ena tou sa fler la!!!
    deciderman mo, to ena la main verte!
    eski to coze a to ban plantes pou ki zot pousser kumha?!
    la femme ki murmurait a loreye des plantes :)

  11. ^^ wahouu en tout cas cot moi zis beton ki pousser :p ek mo boss lot zout la li donne moi haricot pou planter lol haricot ine mort sec, toi t'as la main verte..

  12. Meghna, thanks :D I hope they're blossoming in your life too

    keli, wai mo papa abitier dir moi koz ar zot! mai mo penser li fou li! XD

    ropi, then you'll have summer pretty soon! :D

    la pingouine, mone dza essaye plante haricot moi si, li ti sec osi! hihi!