Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wanted: Flowers.

As the saying goes, " All that I wanted were things I had before", OK, it's not a saying, I'm just quoting Slipknot. But this sentence has some relevance here. All the flowers that I want to have are the ones I had before.

The first one on my list is definitely the Alpinia purpurata

An alpinia purpurata bush, taken from here.

The alpinia purpurata is a tropical plant and very commonly available in Mauritius. I used to have it for several years until, I don't remember quite well what killed it. It must be noted that this plant takes 3 years to come in bloom for the first time, so I gotta be really patient this time.

Then comes the famous roses.

photos taken from here.

We used to have perfect pink and dark red roses until my mom decided that she did not like them. And when my mum does not like something, she considers it a general consensus without even asking the permission of others. So, we no longer have roses at home. Yeah, you can laugh now.

Next on the list comes the Strelitzia Reginae, commonly known as the bird of paradise (note the royal connotation in the word "reginae"). For me, this flower is the tropical plant par excellence.

Lovely isn't it? Taken from here.

The bird of paradise takes 5 years to start flowering when planted from a seed. In my opinion, it's definitely worth the wait. It's orange color and bluish touch, makes the bird of paradise a unique flower.

These are the flowers that I long to plant in my garden this year dudettes and dudes. Might be a promising event as well! (MBB joke) Hihi...

So long dudettes and dudes and my choosy aliens.

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  1. The flowers you depicted are beautiful. I'm sure that with dedicated time and love to them, you shall beautify your garden.

    Aside from their beauty, do you use them for baths and teas?

    I buy roses and lavender to place in the tub for relaxing. It also gives the body a marvelous scent.

    Do you drink "red" chinese tea? You can add rose petals to your hot tea. It makes the taste more appealing to the mouth.

    I dunno other applications for the alpinia.p.b and the bird of paradise...wait..just remembered- the bird of paradise is often used in wedding ceremonies in Mauritius.

    Don't get chased by insects (Wasps and bees). Have fun with your flowers. Morinn = flower girl (descendant of Thumbellina)

    Shah - fadilnet

    Yes, I'm an Archallian (alien from Archaellia.)

  2. The bird of paradise is such a weird plant. Never seen it before. Five years, however, is a very long wait. But you've got time right? Are you planning on sitting by its side the entire time? :P

  3. The bird of paradise looks like woody wood pecker... LOL

    Great choice of flowers. :P They are beautiful. And the way you wrote this is great. :P And yeah you stole my idea. You know what I'm talking about. :P

  4. they seem to be very unique flowers. I have a surprise to you on my blog.

  5. i love the bird of paradise. so very tropical. 5years! ouch. thats a long long wait.
    i'm definitely gonna start planting too this year. well hopefully.
    flower power!

  6. I'm sending you a nice plant on facebook! I know how much you like 'em :)

    Take good care of it, ok? :D

  7. WOWOW! I remember when my living room was filled with all types of plants. With no garden, my mother turned her whole house into a garden. Man, that was well, paradise. Walking around the plants and sitting amongst them. However, when we continued with constructions, dust and everything else killed them all :( Nice to see that you can plant these flowers!

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  9. Wow....very beauty..
    I like flower..
    May i see ur all flower..

  10. I like those bird of paradise. It's colorful and beautiful. Must be a kind of bird found in paradise :)