Sunday, 13 January 2008

Weird Google search terms

I was having a look at my sitemeter counter and checking out from where you guys come from and what search terms you type on Google and other search engines to get here when I thought why not actually answer to you guys' search terms, even the weirdest of them. Let's begin.

(This is based on today's search terms. I've picked only the weird ones and not the relevant ones :D )

rainy day always remind me of - Now now, I cannot possibly know what a rainy day reminds you of. You will have to dig into your own mind to find out what rainy days remind you of. Or are you an android trying to artificially fill you "mind" with memories and thoughts?! Oh my! This is soo freaky!

How did Slipknot make the video Vermillion? - I'm not omniscient but I've got a feeling they hired a video clip making company and an actress/model for the clip. There were some special effects too. But I guess that was kinda easy to figure out. rolleyes

something to talk to a girl about - and the worse part is that it was a Mauritian who typed this. If you were looking for my blog, it's Something to talk about... not really complicated, huh? And if you were looking for a subject to start a conversation with a girl then it's so eeewww... confused

dthe rooch - mrgreen You were looking for my friend Rooch? Woaw! She is THE Rooch now? I knew she was unique! haha!

the savanna - I cannot give you directions to the savanna but I've got a feeling it's not here. arrow

The canonical five jack the ripper pics - Oh my God, I don't even want to know who you are! surprised But I've got a feeling you found the pics.

koz creole - Aww, it warms my heart, I'm first on the searches for that! But were you ordering the search engine to speak in creole?

And then the freakiest one of them all:
do you remember me morinn? - Now what the hell is that? You think I am Google ( assuming you were referring to me.) I really hope you were not referring to me. I'm sorry to say, no, I don't remember you.

And the most adorable of them all:
something to talk about flower blog
morinn's flower blog razz

Hehe, so long dudettes and dudes and my inquisitive aliens.

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  1. LOL "do you remember me morinn?"
    HAHAHAHAHA thats awesome. Wooooo

    Great search engine referrals honey. I think those flower blog related searches were done by kids. :P So cute..

  2. wow, you've got some really scary search terms. Do you remember me morinn? that's amazingly scary. I would suggest you sleep with your eyes open tonight.
    I think that once I start blogging again, I'll do a weird search term post too. But I've got some really adult-rated searches, which kinda makes me think I should start labelling my blog as +16

  3. jev, yup they sound so kiddy, so cute!! :D

    manico, hehe, can't wait to see yours. it's always fun to do those weird search engine terms posts! :D

    the do you remember me morinn stuff is freaky! :S but i hope it was not meant for me

  4. LMAO

    You're lucky not to have those search terms that I get :P

  5. omfg that is so funny!!!
    to veye tou seki passer ek to blog toi ein!!!!
    ceki top ladan c ki tone vine ene reference en matiere de fleur ek de jack the ripper :S

  6. Hey Morrin,
    this was funny especially the last one. That was so cutee... Glad to know that u've got enough time to do all this!
    Keep blogging:D

  7. lol! why is everyone talking as if it's a waste of time?

  8. LOL! Some really weird ones. Today i have this for my blog:

    "Ode by not famous people" :P

  9. who the fcuk can forget about ur blog?

    i didn't even if ive been away for some time :P

    but nice to know some shortcuts via google - just in case

  10. lol
    r u in the dating business now!?! :P