Monday, 28 January 2008

Wild Flowers

While summer rains are the delight of any gardener (I'm not a
gardener, it just sounds cool to say it that way). So, where was I?
Yup, while summer rains are the delight of any gardener, some wild
plants benefit from it too. Today I went for a small walk and saw some
really common wild plants in the area.

The Argemone mexicana (mexican poppy) is a very attractive wild flower
which can be lethal at the same time. Its seeds contain toxic
substances called alkaloids sanguinarine and dihydrosanguinarine. I've
had a painful experience with a mexican poppy some years ago. One of
its thorns remained in my finger for 1 whole year!

Next comes the lantana, often referred to as the
shrub verbena. The lantana comes in different colors from orange, red,
pink, yellow to white. This plant is invasive and can easily cover a
large space, especially after heavy rains. Its leaves can be
irritating to some people's and children's skins, so some cautions
have to be taken. The lantana is a very popular plant in Mauritius and
is often used in landscaping.

Next comes fluffy, OK you got it, I don't know the name of this
flower, but fluffy sounds great,huh? It is terribly fluffy and it
smells real good! I tried typing "fluffy white wild flower" on Google
but I did not get the real name of fluffy. On this picture fluffy is
seen along with a dried friend. Anyway, I hope I find fluffy name soon

Hmm, so much about some summer wild flowers dudettes and dudes and my
wild aliens. Yeah I know, who cares about wild flowers? But I do... So

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  1. Nice... :P I like wild flowers a lot too. They are unique and aggressive. :P Some are very beautiful indeed.. Like the latana for instance.

  2. yup the lantana is awesome but it lasts only a day! :(

  3. Oh, you guys have nice wild flowers. Yet some seem a little dangerous, like the one which stung you Morinn.
    Okay, our wild flowers are dovenetels(that's how we call them, no idea of the english name, they can be white or purple)
    poppies (
    madeliefjes (
    and some other things too, but I don't know the name

  4. I *love* all your flower pics--thanks for posting them!

  5. Well, the first one is the best. It seems to be sharp.

  6. Wild flowers, dapres moi, are the most beautiful!

  7. The last wild flower is nice... so hairy white...

  8. i love those flowers moo! :P They are sooo wild!

  9. manico, wild flowers at your place look awesome! i like the red poppies! i've seen them often in movies.

    marlee, glad you've liked that! :D

    ropi, yeah its quite dangerous as well!

    nussaibah, yup they're really special!

    fruity, yup i like it. it's nice to the touch as well

    usha, hehe.. wild flowers are wild meme!

  10. it seems like the fluffy flower is everywhere in the north. nice post!

  11. lol! its true, they're everywhere! :P i'm amazed people recognize it as fluffy! hihi

  12. @ Luis, that`s an Albizia indeed! Thanks for giving me the name! I learnt the name of that plant! At last! :)