Saturday, 9 February 2008

The 1 word tag

I've been tagged by Miranda and the tag consists of answering 4 questions with only one word for each question. Quoting Miranda:

4 question! Only 4! Looks simple isn't it? The answer will have to be only 1 word. You can add a describtion or picture to explain your answer, but the answer itself will have to be 1 word.

Sounds pretty easy and tough at the same time! So let me give it a try:

1. What rocks?


2. What sucks?

The difficulty of this question lies in the fact that I have to choose only 1 answer.

It would be disorder.

Disorder as in lack of organisation, order and cleanliness.

3. What's awesome?


4. What's lame?

So much for my 1 word tag dudettes and dudes and my wordless aliens. It wasn't so hard afterall. mrgreen

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  1. yay! first! :P

    Mastodon la so album art la tro puissant!

    what rocks : la beh mo pa trouv 1 lot repons apar 1 roche... maybe yves larock

    What sucks : i talk when i sleep - even in foreign languages :S creepy

    what's awesome : a remedy for what sucks

    whats lame : people getting to know what i did just by listening while i sleep tssk :/

  2. LOL at m0rph.

    Zis kan mone gro gro sou ki mo cozer dan someil. LOL m0rph par hazard to pa p tro apye lor laboisse la toi?

    Morinn you answered "This" for "What's Awesome?" I dont think Miranda will be happy with that. lol

  3. You did a fabulous job with that meme! :) One word answers would be hard for me. I never shut up. ;)

  4. great answers to those tags!! :D

  5. What is this? I wanna know the name of the drink.

  6. morph, yup album art la mari nissa! :P

    jev, i think she would not mind! :P i hope enfin!

    marlee, some of those were dificult to answer! :P

    miranda, thanks :D

    manico, that's just a cold chocolate drink! :P

  7. Chocolate? I was hoping for a cocktail, but it's good of you that you aren't drinking this early in the morning :)

  8. Tahiiii... Mastodon - Blood Mountain so Art!! Sa in strike mwa.

    It's my favourite band since zne release leviathan! Mari bon sa grup la!! Zot bater (Brann Dailor) top net!! Mo rod zuer pareil kuma li mosi... mari bon sa mam la

    Blood Mountain la witout any doubts saem best album of 2006!! Si zot pa in ecouT mo recomend zot sa man song la! Colony Of Birchmen, sleeping giant, siberian divide ek Pendulous Skin (instrumental)

    Gr8 Choice Morinn... they know how to Rock!!

  9. Hi Morina. Hope you're fine :)

    I think I'll check Mastodon to see if I agree with you ^_^

    Best wishes,